Ten Games you should play before Fall

Thomas from The Game Bolt: "For most people autumn is a time of going back to school, leaves changing colors, and trick-or-treating. For gamers, it usually means one thing: games."

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spoilerjerk1210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

Watch Dogs was terrible, Watch Dogs 2 found a way to make the same game but with an even more annoying BLM hipster hero - passing on that like the plague. Out of all the games coming out this fall Dishonored 2 is the only one I'm picking up day one.

Shredder33711209d ago

I wouldn't say it's TERRIBLE. That's a strong word to use. An example of a terrible game would be like Ride to Hell or Mindjack. I personally didn't the think the game was all that bad, but opinions are opinions.