No Man's Sky is as infuriating as any great game should be

That just means you're fuly invested, right? Fuming at a video game. When you're locked within the vice-like grip of a wonderful title, your emotions can play ridiculo...

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joab7771215d ago (Edited 1215d ago )

Seriously, I live it just how it is. It doesn't take long before you can haul a ton of things. The time between recharges is reduced etc. It just wouldn't feel right if you were able to explore the reaches of space without struggle. Its the required contrast.

At first it was on my mind a lot. Now, I barely even think about it. Instead I am admiring the purely golden planet I landed on, the overly aggressive sentinel planet, and the planet with gravitino balls slewed everywhere.

robtion1215d ago

Ah, gavitino balls. Collected my share of those last night to the dismay of the sentinels.

pyroxxx1215d ago

Well this game is actually damn awesome,.. Game you have hard time putting down,.. does something right,.. There is always one more thing I can see or do,.. (very Minecrafty)
Guys you know I was raiding a broken ship (by braking it down),.. and apparently my original ship either diapered or was too blind to find it,..(this should not happen right?) Had to hauls ass off planet with that broken down clunker,..

I think I totally love this game(or I am totally addicted),.. (goes back exploiting the value added to bypass chips )