AM2R Interview DoctorM64 and sabre230

Carl Williams writes, "This is a special interview for me as this is a popular fan game, AM2R and our readers here at Retro Gaming Magazine have made it clear they want more information. Here you go. An interview with both DoctorM64 and sabre230, the team behind Another Metroid 2 Remake. Since the downloads for AM2R are taken down due to a C&D I can only offer the best of hope that you are able to secure a copy and enjoy this game. DoctorM64 was the man that started the AM2R project while sabre230 came on board later in development and worked on visual assets."

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Apocalypse Shadow1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

I would like to thank doc and saber for an awesome Metroid experience. Been a fan of the series since the beginning and it's sad it got hit with a DMCA.

But enjoyed every minute. Didn't want to rush through or do any speed runs. Wanted to stop and smell the roses. Even with the gravity suit glitch, it doesn't stop it from being a great game and beyond the gameboy game I played years ago.

An insurance guy making a game as a hobby. Lol! Awesome. Maybe the experience will lead the team in making a 2D Metroidvania game that stands alone. Doesn't have to be Samus and I'd still buy it. Nintendo can't stop an original game that may just outdo their own.Axiom Verge looks okay but it doesn't seem to hit that mark like this game does in the art. But I still support his effort.

1215d ago