The Evolution of Consoles Graphics Tech: How The PS4 And Xbox One Have Come A Long Way Since Launch

A look at how the PS4 and Xbox One have evolved since launch.

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masterfox1213d ago

Gaming consoles have proven that console gaming is king of gaming even above PC gaming, you may ask why ?, well just look at the games we have receiving that not even PC gaming have provide us with, for Example Uncharted 4, Bloodborne, Driveclub, Rachet and Clank , from almost CGI realtime gaming to PIXAR quality not to mention each experiences are unforgettable and awesome.

GreenUp1213d ago (Edited 1213d ago )


Movefasta19931213d ago (Edited 1213d ago )

Your post is riddled with salt.Who are you trying to convince? Yourself?

masterfox1213d ago

come on guys chill out, I like PC gaming too but still gaming consoles I think are better imo.

Kingthrash3601213d ago

Nothings better than nothing.
People have their preferences. Nothing more.

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_LarZen_1213d ago

The PlayStation has some awesome developers making games exclusive for it. That's for sure. But the PC has so much more and if you throw enough money on a PC it will deliver a gaming experience you can just forget about ever achieving on any PlayStation.

boomtube19871213d ago (Edited 1213d ago )

I own both. Xbone and PS4. I have zero interest in non naughty dog titles on PS4. Zero interest in sword fighting, arrow shooting games and 95% of games i play are multiplaforms. Each is their own.

FreddyFazbear1213d ago

So much more on what?? Graphics and resolution? Im sorry but theres not much Big Budget exclusive on PC right now. What we care about are the games. Another thing is we still play the same game. Example bioshock infinite. I play it on ps3 you on pc. The difference only is the sharpness resolution textures etc. But still the se game and it doesnt ruin my experience. Sorry but gaming on PC is much more expensive and they are also full of multiplats. Can you name me a recent big budget exclusive only on PC? The likes of witcher 3, fallout 4, dragon age inquisition, MGSV.? Dont mention star citizen or ARMA because those games are only graphica from what i see. Publishers earn more on console software than PC does. On PC it can be pirated and building a rig is very expensive. If only i have data which systems out there are more in numbers. Gaming PC or consoles?? Because i will bet on consoles. PC gaming rig not just a normal PC is what im talking about. The combined sales of xbox playstation and WiiU is more than enough to make the publishers and devs see where they earn more. Not to mention steam always discounts the games heavily. Its beneficial to gamers but i dont know about the publishers and devs.

_LarZen_1213d ago


Sure the big AAA games usually finds it's way to all plattforms as both developers and publishers wants to earn as much as they possible can. It makes perfect sense. But there are exclusive games on PC in a wide range of generes that are great games. Especially in the RTS,MMO's,MOBA and Indie categories.

And yes it's the same games when it comes to multiplatform titles. With the difference being that while a console graphical performance is locked a PC has the potential to go beyond that. All depending on what kind of PC you have. And yes a high-end PC costs allot of money. But if you have passion and money to use on your hobby you can experience the same games but with visuals you can only dream of on a console.

And while gameplay is king. Graphics is it's queen. Combined you get gaming experiences you can just forget on a console. And that's OK. A console is a "cheap" ticket to "next-gen" gaming. If you want more then what a PS4/XBO delivers then PC could be a great alternative.

With the price on console games and having to pay to play online most could buy a mid range PC that will deliver gaming experiences beyond what a console can do today. Options is never a bad thing.

And the best thing about PC gaming? All games are backwards compatible..

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mayberry1213d ago

Glad the article included Killzone: Shadow Fall in the 8th gen graphics debate. The game is definitely beautiful. "From sub-surface scattering to physically-based rendering to tessellation, these games introduced us to many of the visual techniques that’d define eighth-gen visuals."

Shineon1213d ago

8th gen has not offered alot graphically are technically, most games could have ran on ps3 with lower rez.This gen will be utterly forgotten once the mid tier rescue consoles drop lol

DarkThoughts791212d ago

Jesus Christ. I hope that your excuse for such bad English is that it was your phone's auto fill or that English is a second language for you. Although I understood what you are basically saying, it still hurts my head to read what you typed.

Shineon1212d ago

Lmao dont text and drive