The auction for Kotaku starts on the 16th of August - What will be the outcome of it all?

It´s somewhat hard to believe that Gawker Media's Gaming site Kotaku has been around since October, 2004, or that the site is now for sale. It´s 100% true though, as the auction for Kotaku (and Gawker Media) starts on the 16th of August. So this is my (Robin Ek, TGG) take on the matter.

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-Foxtrot1209d ago

"It´s somewhat hard to believe that Gawker Media's Gaming site Kotaku has been around since October, 2004"

Tell me about it...they are like a cockroach

TGG_overlord1209d ago

Do you have any idea if they have been good at any point in time at all? Someone told me that they were "kind of" alright about 10 years ago. I don´t know if that´s true though, as I found out about Kotaku around 2013 sometime.

Hoffmann1209d ago (Edited 1208d ago )

They were good that one Monday 3 years ago when they promoted our Doom 20th Anniversary Tribute ;-)

But in general...they were trash together with sites like Destructoid.

Many of their reviews are crap. You have a lot of clickbait articles there as well as SJW Agenda ones. They are often even worse than Kotaku since around 2014.

1208d ago
Death1208d ago

The first few years it was actually a pretty good site that had a decent reputation. As printed media died down we seen less and less discretion with digital media. Kotaku has declined like most online media has. I don't think the business model for online gaming sites is strong enough to sustain credibility and journalistic integrity.

rainslacker1208d ago

They were good when they first started, and primarily were just a site focused on Japanese gaming. It was one of the few sites which actually did it well, and it was their main focus...even mentioned in their "tagline" at the top of the page.

I don't know specifically when it started going downhill, but when Totillo became editor in cheif, I know the site became intolerable, despite having some decent scoops from time to time. Since GG and the "Gamers are dead" thing, they've become more emboldended to be complete idiotic a**holes who are way to pretentious for what it is they do. I think they actually believe they are affecting positive change on the industry, gaming in general, our overall culture, and general society....when all they are is a toxic sensationalist rag with almost no redeeming value beyond those one or two journalists left over there who actually care to find real news to report.

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Simon_the_sorcerer1208d ago

I still don´t get how Kotaku has been able to stay alive for +12 years, or why people keep on reading their "stuff".

1208d ago
rainslacker1208d ago

Kotaku actually used to be pretty decent, and was one of the few sites which actually covered Japanese games pretty well. They even started off as primarily a site meant for Japanese games, since so few sites even covered them anymore.

Anyhow, with GG, and the huge drop in readership due to GG and their anti-gamer/SJW slant they've been on a kick for the past couple years, Kotaku isn't even worth as much as it was 2 years ago before it all started. So for Gawker just letting it go, thinking that Totillo was doing fine driving hits with the sensationalism, they've ultimately devalued the brand of Kotaku, making it less desireable, thus less chance they'll maximize the money they can get from it.

But you reap what you sew, and I have a feeling that if anyone buys it up, they'll probably restructure Kotaku, and likely get rid of the people who are driving hits down the tubes.

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TGG_overlord1209d ago

The "Doom 20th Anniversary Tribute" you say? Ah, from your page? ;) True that, so I guess that they´re the next on in line.

Hoffmann1208d ago

Yarr..they wrote about and linked to a good couple of the art collaborations on GA-HQ, sometimes I did not even have to contact them

NotEvenMyFinalForm1209d ago

Nick Denton's salty tears are the most delicious. I really have no sympathy for those scumbags at Gawker that had no problem with destroying lives for clicks.

Simon_the_sorcerer1209d ago

I wouldn´t even pay 1,000 USD for Kotaku...

uth111208d ago

I would. Then I'd get editorial control and could turn them into something better

TGG_overlord1208d ago

That´s the only option that I would go for. However, in reality, we´re talking about millions of USD here. And I would not pay that for Kotaku.

uth111208d ago

@TGG - true but his hypothetical was $1000. Obviously not a realistic price though

rainslacker1208d ago (Edited 1208d ago )

I would, just to fire most of their staff and make sure they know how lousy they are at their jobs...unless their jobs are to simply incite hate and misrepresent the which case, I guess they are good at their jobs.


You'd be surprised just how much Gawker has declined in value. Not just due to the Hogan lawsuit, but the fact many of their sites are losing viewers, with Kotaku seeing a huge drop in viewers the past couple years. Most companies aren't going to spend that much money on a company which can't maintain many viewers, because there comes a point where it's just cheaper to get one's own viewers. Granted, Gawker in general may have enough viewership to funnel users over into other websites, but when that happens, it tends to make the content on the original sites(Gawker in this case), all but superficial ad space.

opinionated1208d ago

Far better sites have been torn down and left for the vultures. Good riddance I say.

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