Fallout 4 Nuka World DLC File Size Revealed

This is how much space you need to download the next, and final, Fallout 4 expansion.

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r3f1cul1209d ago

well considering how little there was to do in far harbor IMO and that ran at 4.3 gbs i expect this to round out the lackluster dlc offerings that are horrendously overpriced for fallout 4 ... i know one thing for sure beth is literally never getting another dime off of me on faith alone... that link has been damaged beyond repair with their offerings and handling of everything recently :/

Dasteru1209d ago (Edited 1208d ago )

According to this article, Far Harbor was 2.7GB.

Edit: They are probably talking about the compressed sizes. FH = 2.7GB compressed, NW = 3.66GB compressed. Either way Nuka world seems to be the larger of the two, Unless they are using a weaker compression method on a newer DLC which would make no sense.

Redx1651208d ago

Far harbor is around 4.3 on consoles. PC might be different?

Redx1651208d ago

I hope the DLC isn't as empty as Far Harbor. I could careless about the size of the map. Just give me a good amount of content around the area.

curtis921208d ago

I can already feel the massive framerate dips on PS4.