Xbox One S Review

The Xbox One S is a winner, a svelter and more attractive take on Microsoft's flagship video game console. If you held off on the first generation Xbox One for some reason, now is the time to buy.

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zaherdab1217d ago

I held off for some reason and the reason is still valid so now is not the time to buy... Actually now that i know that Scorpio is in the works it would be the stupidest time to buy ...

VforVideogames1217d ago

if you held off for some reason and that reason still valid, then what is your reason to buy the Xbox Scorpio?

zaherdab1216d ago

only exclusive game i wanted to play was sunset overdrive and with ps4 being more powerful there's not reason for me to buy it ... when scorpio is the new best hardware i might consider it... otherwise i can play all other exclusive on the pc ... will you approve of my reason sire ?

DeeBeers1217d ago

Youre right in a way. For anyone who already owns an X1 this is a superfluous buy. Of course thats a matter of choice.

As a current X1 owner ill wait for Scorpio. But I can see people upgrading from X360 to X1S.

343_Guilty_Spark1216d ago

Not if you trade in, don't mind paying a little extra, like the idea of a smaller more portable Xbox, 4k up scaling, hdr, slight performance improvements etc etc you know like most slim revisions. Oh I forgot new warranty.

Takeluck05871216d ago

Im considering getting one and giving my kids my OG xbone, they still have my old 360.

s8anicslayer1216d ago

Other than aesthetics, in order to get the full benefit of the S, you need an HDR capable Tv in order to fully appreciate the new model.

Arrow22831217d ago

I had an X1 on launch awhile back but then stayed with PS4, once I switched again to join my buddy with the S model. It really is a fantastic product! I feel like Microsoft hired people who know how to make systems. Unlike the 360 fiasco.

Scottyxboxoneandps41216d ago

I was on ps4 for a while and honestly, ive gotten bored with it. Back on xbox now and didnt realise how much ive missed it. Not gonna get the x1s, though i can see why people might want to upgrade.
Gonna be sticking with xbox all the way till the scorpio hits, still keep the ps4 around for the exclusives.

Arrow22831216d ago

I wasn't bored with PS4, I still love Sony but a buddy of mine got screwed over with Sony, he doesn't hate them,I basically followed where he went at the moment. He has always been a box fan but does enjoy ps as well. Just not after what happened which I can't blame him. I'll pick up a Neo if anything, you are right though, you realize how much you miss Xbox. Iv always been a PlayStation guy but I always loved my xbox as well. I was happy to take the fanboy glasses off and realize this system really is bad ass. Even if my buddy didn't get screwed over and had PS4, we would have gotten the Xbox S anyway. For now it is my main system and I'm loving it!


The best console is owning all consoles...

Scottyxboxoneandps41216d ago

Couldnt agree more fella.

Kingdomcome2471216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

I fully agree that the One S oozes sexiness. Panos Panay is an artist, and meticulous. It's hard to deny the console's nice form factor, other than those who don't care for white electronics, which I don't either, but it's quickly grown on me. Especially with the matte finish. I agree and disagree in regards to his take on the controller. Yes, it's much lighter, but I don't find it to feel cheap. The, "Textured", grip is a joke, though. It's basically non-existent and pales in comparison to the Elite's textured grip, or even the Lunar White. The face buttons feel more satisfying to press, the d-pad has been refined, the bumpers have less resistance, though, I prefer whenever they had a sturdier click to them. A lot of people disliked the launch bumpers, considering them to be a step back from the 360. Once I realized that they were designed in such a way whereas you more so roll your finger over them as opposed to pressing them, I loved them. Your finger never needs to leave the trigger. The added range/bluetooth support is a nice addition, and they seem to not only have tightened up the analog sticks, but also remove the drifting and dead zone issue. The fact that the console is not only cooler, but also quieter than it's predecessor while enclosing the power brick is a marvel in itself. I feel that they killed it with the S, and with 4k support and HDR support the value is outstanding. Now I'd just like to see a few more new IPs that are narrative driven single player games and we're golden.