Overwatch Devs Target Zenyatta, Mei and Mercy for Adjustment

The Overwatch devs are looking at some changes to Zenyatta, Mercy and Mei according to responses from principal designer Geoff Goodman.

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1215d ago Replies(1)
YinYangGaming1215d ago

I hope Zenyatta gets a very slight nerf tbh

jukins1215d ago

I don't because he really only effective against noobs or with a very well balanced team with communication

YinYangGaming1215d ago

I main him when I play support and he is noticeably the most effective so a slight nerf is in order

Nibbs1214d ago

He's a staple in competitive and is able to dunk on nearly anyone due to his discord.

Tho I personally don't think he needs a nerf, I can see why they'd come to that conclusion.

cyx1213d ago

I main zenyatta and id be ok with the nerf if they bumped his hp 25 pts or 50 pts up . if im not mistaken he only has 150 and to me thats unacceptable considering what other characters are capable of. Either that or bump up his movement speed. I mean for a dude levitating he moves sooo damn slow. If you get looked at wrong you die...

zodiac9091214d ago