No Man’s Sky Review: Not Everyone’s Sky | DualShockers

No Man’s Sky is probably the most hyped indie game in the history of indie games. It was pushed almost like a first party AAA game by Sony Interactive Entertainment, and this caused many to expect what you normally get from AAA games, only on an eighteen quintillion planets scale.

On the other hand, No Man's Sky is not an AAA game. It's a lovely indie survival/exploration game. This doesn't make it better of worse, but it does make a difference in the gameplay elements and style it offers.

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SaveFerris1214d ago

Perhaps Hello Games can release a patch that introduces new types of buildings and structures that appear in the game, and also for the base building.

Abriael1214d ago

that would be really nice, alongside a feature that tells you who visited the planets you discover,

TwoForce1214d ago

I think DuelShocker is much more acceptable than the clickBait site like gaming bolts. You guys done much better job than them. Also, good review.

1214d ago
spoilerjerk1214d ago

I have a feeling what we see now is just the tip of the iceberg on what is to come. I'm more than happy with what the game is right now, hands down my top this generation I can see them adding some rather fantastic things in the future like base building, personal freighters, more customization, etc...

spoilerjerk1214d ago

Even though this is easily my favorite game this generation this is probably the most well-explained review I've read of the game... reviewing what the game actually is rather than being disappointed it isn't Assassins Creed in space with lots of mission markers and hand holding.