Kotaku: EA Walk Away From Take-Two Buyout

"There's rumours! Rumours on the street. Wall Street, to be precise, as investment site Seeking Alpha say they've heard EA may be "walking away from merger talks" with long-time takeover target Take-Two. T2's conference call earlier today said nothing of this, of course, nor have EA (as the pair are now cosy in their cone of silence), so this is all conjecture, but it's hardly outrageous conjecture. The EA-T2 courtship rituals have been prologued, fumbling and, ultimately, boring, with a deal looking less and less likely the longer the whole sorry mess drags itself along."

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InfiniteUnfloppery4330d ago

...Leaving the Door wide open for Sony to pounce on the makers of GTA

chrisnick4330d ago

sony should buy them.....seriously.

Bleucrunch4330d ago

I will be so happy when this is made official, EA can leave a great company like take two alone.

thekingofMA4330d ago

the only thing i don't understand is your hatred for EA

i used to not like the company----rushed sequels, sports games not changing, and acquiring everyone

i honestly think EA has changed-their sports games are actually improving and changing every year, they're giving their developers more freedom, and they're taking risks on new ip's like spore, dead space and rock band

plus, they seem to be "partnering" rather than purchasing studios now, with valve, epic, and id software included in that

the publisher i have problems with is activision-they are the ultimate milkers, with a call of duty, guitar hero, and tony hawk every year, and that's basically it. while their published games actually improve i will admit, the company itself does terrible things

for instance, it was announced a few weeks ago that activision would not publish several games that vivendi was developing, like brutal legend and ghostbusters-basically, they seized vivendi's franchises and took what they want, leaving all of the other games to find a publisher. they also layed off hundreds of developers they didn't want

as you can see, i dislike activision, but i have good reason. end rant.

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