How I Decided to Stop Griping and Love Destiny

Since its release, Destiny has undergone a lot of criticism. However, the criticism is fair, and many of the original problems still exist. The lack of story, the frustrating lag in Crucible, and so on. It's very easy to get caught up in hating the game, that one can forget that you can...

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Better connectivity! The current servers are a joke!

1214d ago
Kornholic1214d ago

First I read "grinding" but then I realized that it's Destiny's only content.

n4rc1214d ago

i recently got back into it.. enjoying it again, looking forward to the rise of iron.. 900+ hours since beta so ive more then gotten my moneys worth.. cant recall another game ive sunk as many hours into since counter-strike

objdadon1214d ago

Me too, i put 1400 hours in the 1st year of destiny, got pissed when they started nerfing my favorite weapons. I left august 2015 and began to clear my backlog of games. Heard they brought some of my guns back and I've been back on for a week now enjoying it as much as i did in the 1st year! They've made some very good progress and changes!

zodiac9091214d ago

Title should actually be called, "How i caved, became a tool, and started tossing money into an endless pool, in the hopes to justify my purchase of a deliberatly half-assed game."

thekhurg1214d ago

So much QQ

Show us where that destiny crucible player touched you...

zodiac9091214d ago (Edited 1214d ago )

No one hurt me LOL, I got out within the first month of Destiny cause I saw where it was going right after I hit level cap, having to sling cash into it every 2 months just to keep up to date otherwise you'd be completely left behind. It's one of the most disgusting business models that is plaguing gaming these days, and will be the downfall of this industry. There's no skill involved anymore, the size of your wallet apparently = skills these days.

objdadon1214d ago

When are you people gonna start realizing that destiny is a good game many people? Developers would kill to have the player base that destiny has after 2 years. It may not be your thing but many love the game.

MagicBeanz1214d ago

I find it very telling that you claim to have gotten out "within the first month" but then turn around and say you have to spend money every two months, how would you know that if you stopped playing the first month, embellishing just a little are we? For the record I've been playing Destiny for quite some time and I haven't had to "sling cash at it every two months", but maybe you were playing it wrong. By the way no developer gives full expansions away for free, they have to charge for those, that's how it works, if you dont like that then maybe gaming just isn't for you and maybe its time you figured out a new hobby, just sayin.

zodiac9091213d ago

Because after the first month, of the games release, Bungie revealed they had plans for 2 expansions 2 months apart each, if you don't recall, or maybe you just were not there.
It's just that coming from the 90's to late 2000's where games came out and were at least 75% complete upon release, and then seeing that they purposefully took parts of the game out, feels like ass to any real gamer.
But you are clearly just a judgemental tool trying to defend and justify your purchase aswell, so I see why you'd have some sand in your vag about what I said. I'm sorry if it hurt you in some way.
Peace :)

MagicBeanz1213d ago

I dont think there's any need for the childish comments bud, ironic though that you call me judgmental when your comments regarding Destiny makes you seem to be the very definition of the word. For the record you said and I quote, "sling cash into it EVERY 2 months". I simply pointed out that you're wrong, I'm not trying to justify anything, as I said I've been playing Destiny since day one and I haven't spent money on it EVERY two months. Now if you cant deal with that and grow up and act like an adult then you should just move on.

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The story is too old to be commented.