Pokemon Go Latest Update

For “Pokemon Go” players, egg hatching is an alternative way to be able to get some more critters on their Pokedex. It is a neat alternative for people who have hard luck getting to hotspots as they need to walk to hatch them. Niantic has been making the necessary tweaks to the game to make …

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antikbaka1213d ago

misleading title. It's just about how Niantic reduced top hatching speed from 18 to 10 km/h

SunnyZ1213d ago (Edited 1213d ago )

How is "Pokemon Go Latest Update" a misleading title?
It's about pokemon go and its latest update.
Not misleading at all...

Qrphe1213d ago

That's dumb, now I have to slow myself down while running? Stupid

SunnyZ1213d ago

The game is all like go outside and exercise!
Just don't you dare ride a bike or run too fast...

Yeah okay then.