Pokemon Uranium Official Hosting Taken Down

Nintendo has taken down the immensely popular fan game Pokemon Uranium

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1209d ago Replies(1)
Mystogan1209d ago

you can still download it from the piratebay

BullyMangler1209d ago

I was starting to feel like i was in Tijuana

Aloy-Boyfriend1209d ago

9 years of work terminated in 1 sec.

Spurg1209d ago

Why not??? They used the name Pokemon. Why not just create an alternate name and keep it.

diepdiep1209d ago

The team's twitter said Nintendo didn't actually shut them down. They chose to remove the download links themselves out of respect.

DiscoMan1209d ago

Nintendo didn't but their lawyers threatened them.

TechRaptor1209d ago

We bring that up - basically they removed it because other hosts had been hit with take down notices and they decided to preemptively take it down essentially.

Its why the title doesn't say Nintendo took it down - although essentially they caused the same impact and would have hit it pretty quickly based on what was going on.

Fluxour1209d ago

If I downloaded the launcher, but have yet to install, will I be impacted by this?

Fluxour1206d ago

Thank you, everything worked out

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The story is too old to be commented.