No Man's Sky PC Patch launching in T-Minus 5... | Made For Gaming

'Experimental Branch' created by Hello Games

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1217d ago Replies(1)
quent1217d ago

The micro stutter needs fixing, it stutters so much and so frequently that it feels like lag and slow down is happening.

Si-Fly1217d ago

If they can give me native 1440p rather this upscaled rubbish I'll be happier, currently the game looks like absolute garbage.

Goldby1217d ago

Imahaving no issues on the ps4 side of it but i'd assume the resolution to ber somewhat similar

Si-Fly1215d ago

That's good but the reason I bought it for my PC rather than PS4 was to play it in 3440x1440p.

I've had it refunded on Steam now, I'll pick it up again if they fix it :)