Night Terrors Takes Pokemon GO to Hell

Carl Williams writes, "Okay, playing Pokemon GO is all nice and good. A lot of people are finding it to be fun and interesting. There are people meeting new people, supporting local businesses and more while playing. That is all fine and dandy. What about those amongst us that enjoy a good scare from time to time? The ones that hear a noise in the house and take that as a reason to stalk around with our favorite weapon of defense? May I introduce you to Night Terrors, an augmented reality game, for Android and iOS."

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Neonridr888d ago

uhh.. did the date of January 31, 2016 show up at the end of that trailer?

vallencer888d ago

Yeah. That was the scariest part of that trailer too.

888d ago
subtenko888d ago

This game isnt about collecting pokemonsters...... its just an AR game

opinionated888d ago

That is so simple yet so fucking brilliant honestly. Such a great use of the phone and AR.