Are Remastered Video Games Just an Excuse for no Ideas?

Are Remastered and Re-Release Games some weird excuse for no ideas?

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P_Bomb1217d ago

Depends why & how they're done.

In the case of Tearaway Unfolded and Gravity Rush remastered, it made sense reworking them for PS4. See I don't own a Vita, so that's two new and critically acclaimed exclusive IPs I missed out on. Bought both PS4 editions though in the past year, and now I'm all caught up and then some.

They have a future sale from me guaranteed for Gravity Rush 2 this December. That's 3 sales they've made off me by remastering 2 old Vita games. Those are the kinds of situations that are win-win for everyone.

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thorstein1217d ago

I would love to see a few older games get the current gen treatment...especially Battlefield Bad Company 2.

So, I agree with you 100%. I was actually peeved when GTAV made it to current gen since I had bought it on PS3. Same with Last of Us....great game but not really in need of an upgrade, though the upgrade is beautiful.

kitsune4511217d ago

"Are articles about remastered Video Games Just an Excuse for journalists with no Ideas?"

phoenixwing1217d ago

I think it's more about reintroducing their game onto a general public or using a brand popularity to have a sure fire hit. I'm sure they have tons of ideas but having a game succeed in this business can be risky for a new ip.

CorndogBurglar1217d ago

Considering that most remasters have an actual sequel to the franchise planned I would have to say this is a pretty stupid question......

SavageKuma1217d ago

I can get behind that answer. There are many young gamers that do not know the joy of classic crash bandicoot or spyro, but I still feel they can just bring out amazing titles such as those with new stories.

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SuperbVillain1217d ago

yes and no really depends on the developer and how the remake is handled...I do agree though, that it sorta feels like the game industry is running out of fresh ideas as far new games. It could just be that the developers are being told what to make with no real decisions coming from the team of artists actually creating the game

_-EDMIX-_1217d ago


Seriously bud stop buying into media drivel in regards to their stupid narratives, we actually have more new games, then we have remasters and remakes.

Have you ever looked up the numbers for yourself?

SuperbVillain1217d ago

true, there are more games now,there are some good ones, but there are more rushed and incomplete games being released now more than ever. plus Most of the ideas being put out are just recycled material for the year before.

_-EDMIX-_1217d ago

@sup- it depends on what you define as complete as that seems to be something that is subjective and Up For Debate here. Of course we're going to have a few Concepts batard dated but I believe for the most part we got a very good amount of unique ideas this generation don't let the media tell you otherwise.

If you believe that we're getting games that haven't been complete, technically that applies for pretty much every generation of gaming.

But it really determines on what you constitute or defined as complete as many people seem to have a different opinion on that.

For me I define complete as everything that was promised and legally marketed and advertised for the game is what was given on its promised release date.

morganfell1217d ago

I do not have an issue with remasters and own more than a few. I do not see those as a lack of ideas since these are usually previously successful games and the money to remaster them allows low risk, low investment on an often reasonable or better return.

If you want a real demonstration for the lack of ideas meme then you need look no further than Prey 2.

Petebloodyonion1217d ago

RE-Master is a plague made only for quick cashgrab for companies.
and since ppl are okay with paying for second serving then this trend will sadly continue.
How about RE-make instead of remaster, resident evil GC, Gears Xone, Metal gear twin snake, Lunar, etc. that are reason to relive a experience.

and no, we don't have more new games compare to past generation and big studios are putting fewer and fewer games (Konami, Capcom, Ea and Activision, etc.)

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KwietStorm1217d ago

Maybe, maybe not. But it definitely is a quick way to make a buck, and people have shown they are more than willing to hand those bucks over. A few years back, I never would have thought we would see so many remasters of games already in HD that we just played a few years back.

_-EDMIX-_1217d ago

What do you mean by so many? PlayStation 3 launched with about 20 points on PSN from PlayStation 1 games
I seriously think you might be exaggerating or you buy a bit way to much into these articles as opposed to looking up the information yourself.

All you have to do is count the number of ports created last generation....

So you never would have thought the thing that happened last generation would happen this generation?

Here's a little tip my history teacher taught me that I actually use in business often just to predict specific outcomes.

"if you ever want to know what someone will do or what might occur look at what they've done and what has occurred in the past"

Don't let the media paint this picture, look up the information and decide for yourself as it seems many on here read a headline and believe a narrative before ever trying to find out real fact.

So about 30 games is so many to you? We got about 20 on the launch of PlayStation 3 from PlayStation 1 ports so maybe you better go back and look up those releases.

I'm pretty positive I'm playing Persona 3 and 4 on my PlayStation 3 right now from PSN

KwietStorm1217d ago

I'm the last person you need to be talking to about media influence. I call it how I see it. There's no information to look up. And I specifically called out HD remasters. PS3 did not launch with any remasters. That wasn't a thing until years later.

_-EDMIX-_1217d ago (Edited 1217d ago )

@kwiet- an HD remaster is actually still a port......., in fact it's in port before it's even a remaster by default. The degree of any changes is actually irrelevant , so you're upset that they're adding more changes as opposed to just raw ports? Lol


KwietStorm1217d ago

Maybe you completely misinterpreted what I originally said for some reason, and that's why you're trying to pick apart everything. All I actually said was I didn't think there would be this many remasters. You read into that too much if you're implying I'm upset or any other emotions.

Petebloodyonion1217d ago

@ Edmix
What do you mean by so many? PlayStation 3 launched with about 20 points on PSN from PlayStation 1 games
I seriously think you might be exaggerating or you buy a bit way to much into these articles as opposed to looking up the information yourself.

You do realize that
1) most of the PSN games didn't came out until 1 year after the PS3 launch ( the infrastructure wasn't perfectly up at the time thus explaining why early PS3 titles had no online features like Virtua fighter 5).
2) The PS3 could play PS1 and PS2 titles thus not making them port (or would you say that all your ps1 game played on ps2 are ports?)

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Aloy-Boyfriend1217d ago

All those games we've got after 2011 could have been PS4/XboxOne games if last gen didn't overstayed.

rainslacker1217d ago

I would have a problem with it if it meant new games weren't coming out. But as it stands, we get plenty of new games, both from established franchises and new IP's. Those ideas are hit or miss on their originality, but for the most part, they're there.

The remasters are just there to supplement income and provide a product to a market base which obviously exists, otherwise we wouldn't still be seeing remasters in such abundance. For the most part, people can ignore the remasters if they aren't interested in them, but so long as they aren't taking anything away, I wouldn't want to deny people who want to play them. In the mean time, it provides a revenue stream without the huge expenditure, which only helps to stabilize the publishers profits, which hopefully will lead to more games coming out in the future.

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