PS4/PS3 Exclusive Persona 5: Watch the Latest Trailers Subtitled in English

Atlus is releasing a whole load of trailers of Persona 5 lately, but the american arm of the company isn’t really keeping up (at least for now) in localizing them.

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Blacklash931210d ago

I'm still salty that Japan is getting this next month while I have to wait until next year. :P

Viryu1210d ago

FF XV is coming out around the same time Persona 5 comes out in Japan, so it should be okayish.

Yi-Long1210d ago

Blame the Yankeeboos for demanding an English dub instead of having to read subtitles and having to listen to the original language. The whole world (except Japan, obviously) now has to wait 4-5 extra months, even when they don't care at all about an English dub.

1210d ago