No Man's Sky: How To Get 48 Slots Ship For Free

Inventory management can be tricky in No Man's Sky and since more slots are expensive, getting a good ship for free can be useful.

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KnightNumber861217d ago

Didn't know you could dismantle your old ship! Hehdhudbebdbdj!!!!

InMyOpinion1217d ago

You can't. You can only transfer materials, not upgrades. And also, you need to repair everything on the new ship you find. So calling it "free" is a tad dishonest.

Deeke1217d ago

Always do this when you're buying a new ship :D

SimpleYet_Not1217d ago

If im not paying units, then it's free.

Idiedgoodbye1216d ago

Shit that sucks. How is one supposed to know if the ship isn't infested with roaches?

KnightNumber861216d ago

Ah ok, yea I've done that already. Was about to say...

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Gh05t1217d ago (Edited 1217d ago )

It means dismantle the upgrades that come on the ships like the boosters to the blasters or beams. You do that before you take the new ship.

Also for anyone looking to upgrade there exosuit quickly, find a planet that is barren of foliage, way easier to spot exosuit upgrade pods flaying around. It gets pricey but I have more space in my suit than on my ship.

Oh yeah and the multitool can usually be done by the same method, find a shelter I think it is (whatever the little huts are with a single landing pad) and usually the tool in it has 1 more slot than the tool you have on (I say usually because sometimes it doesn't).

hells_supernova1217d ago

I found a planet that has exo suit upgrade pods all over it. I have found about 8 in an hour last night between other discoveries and monoliths it is fantastic. I am sticking around on this planet.

Guyfamily9991217d ago

Once you have atlas pass V1 every space station has one behind the locked door. I've got 48 exotic slots because of it.

joab7771217d ago

Yep. Its pretty easy to do. I guess if ya took a few hrs in a system with a few planets you could just grab the ship, repair thrusters and go hunting, keep doing this until ya get the one ya want. Then start the long trek of building all the mids exactly how ya want them.

Actually, this is the only way to really get a great ship without spending millions and millions. I bought one for 3 mil and now I need 10+ mil to even make it worth buying another.

No Way1216d ago

Guyfamily999 - How you even get a pass? :D I ain't came across one yet..

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Idiedgoodbye1216d ago

Did you just have a stroke?

Sm00thNinja1217d ago

I frigging love this game don't understand all the hate. I get the monotony gripe but the sense of exploration and discovery is unparalleled

KwietStorm1217d ago

I hit disagree by accident. At its core, it's a survival game that relies heavily on exploration and the unknown. Those types of games definitely can't keep some people interested for long, but I've said a handful of times already, No Man's Sky wouldn't be getting nearly this much hate if it didn't have the extreme amount of hype. Survival games aren't even new, but none of those other games got all this criticism.

Being out in the middle of nowhere without a helping hand is actually what I love most about this game. There are people who never even complete games like Fallout and The Witcher because they get caught up doing side stuff and just wandering around. It's that desire to discover and embrace the game world that works for some people, but turns away those who probably need a concise path and mission structure to be entertained.

Ciporta19801216d ago

Isn't it strange that people like us who actually paid attention to what the game was gonna be rather than making up a different game in our minds are getting the game we wanted and are loving it. It's pretty obvious that all the people hating and disappointed don't know how to listen and read

MagicBeanz1217d ago

The hate comes from salt, just ignore it and enjoy the game.

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rezzah1216d ago

It separates the explorers from the non-explorers.

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badboyz091217d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

Spin the big wheel and who ever gets closest to 100 without going over wins the ship?

Gardenia1217d ago

No need for this. Just go with the flow and eventually you get more money and buy ships or find some at crash sites. If you are going to grind for hours just to get the best ship, what fun is there for the rest of the game?

But to each his own I guess

Servbot411217d ago

Buying high-slot ships is a grind in itself. There is no way you are going to earn 60+million while playing normally, and that's how much it costs to buy a ship with 40+ slots.

GrubsterBeater1217d ago

I actually found a planet that has vortex cubes every 15 to 35 feet, and they each sell for 25K, so I grab like 15 at a time, run them to the sales network, and boom I'm making millions fast.

Gardenia1217d ago

Later when you find more rare items you can make money more easily, there is the trading system for. Or you can become a pirate and shoot down those big ships

Gh05t1217d ago


That is called grinding!

Servbot411217d ago

@GrubsterBeater So... you're grinding, not playing normally. I've found a planet littered with Gravitino Balls, sold them with a bonus of 86% and glitched them into a stack, and even 100 (which still takes quite a bit of time to collect) only gives you around 4 million-ish. Anyone can do this, it's just grinding. My point is that you'll never even come close to the 60 million to buy a ship with 40+ slots through simply exploring planets. Without glitching stacks of "unstackables," duping, or farming crash sites you won't get a 40+ slot ship by just "going with the flow."

FITgamer1217d ago

@GrubsterBeater You should keep traveling then. There are planets where you can get 90-100K for Vortex Cubes, way less grinding. Also the more planets you discover the more units you get when you upload them.

1217d ago
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MagicBeanz1217d ago

You mean actually play the game as it was intended, how dare you suggest such a thing. How will people cheese it and complain about then?

No Way1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

I found a planet littered with gold. Just sold everything and stocked up on gold.. went to the station, sold it and returned for more. I hit 1 million credits in no time. Got a decent ship now. Looks pretty tho, like a dragon. :)

Gardenia - I'm not boss enough, yet, to attack those big shuttle looking ship things. I get owned every time, lol.

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