Pure Opinion: How No Man’s Sky is One of the Most Beautiful Things Ever Made

Pure PlayStation writes, "Now this article won’t be about how great a game No Man’s Sky is. Although I am really enjoying the simulation/exploration gameplay from a gamer perspective. Instead, I want to touch upon Hello Games’ baby in the beauty and art aspect. Trust me, I know video games and art go hand in hand but just for this moment imagine there wasn’t any gameplay in No Man’s Sky and you were just along for the ride. If you can do that then you will truly understand where I’m coming from with this article."

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1215d ago Replies(1)
sampson31211215d ago

just a beautiful game. refreshing.

joab7771215d ago

Exactly. Loving every second.

spoilerjerk1215d ago

I'm still surprised at the amount of people upset with the "look" of the game, it nails exactly what Hello Games were going for - inspired by 70s/80s sci-fi novels with their fantastical cover art. Reminds me of when Sunset Overdrive launched, the only Xbox One exclusive I liked but turned people off with it's bright world/colors. And yet more Titanfall 2 gameplay was unveiled this week and it looks exactly like EVERY single other shooter out there, lots of depressed dystopian settings in blacks and grays with a little bit of shrubbery.

medman1215d ago

People love being angry....about anything.