Nvidia Canned Its Shield Tablet Successor Over Rumoured Fear Of Nintendo NX

Technology publication Digital Trends is reporting that Nvidia has decided to cancel the Shield Tablet successor. The reasoning behind the decision is thought it to be down to the forthcoming Ninte…

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BrandanT1208d ago

If Nvidia cancelled there future Shield project, because of the rumors of the NX, then wouldn't that mean that Nvidia has no part in the NX and the eurogamer rumors are false?

TheVigilanteCode1208d ago

It's a bit complicated than that. Nvidia are manufacturing the main SoC inside the NX, the next generation Tegra based off the new Pascal architecture. If both these devices have the same architecture & SoC inside them, it brings some serious FUD and bad PR for Nintendo.

This more relating to Nintendo having a contract signed with Nvidia to NOT release portable devices such as the shield or the shield tablet for them to not look bad, and affect their market, because both of them, NX & a potential next Shield, would fall under the same price bracket, $200-$250.

Nvidia will have to budge here since their investors have been pretty vocal about the console market entirely switching to AMD and them desperately trying to gain a share of the market.

TABSF1208d ago

I don't think Nvidia wanted to be in PS4/XBO anyway. They lost money on PS3 GPU
Furthermore Nvidia don't design x86 CPU so Sony/Microsoft could not get and APU off of Nvidia

I also believe Nvidia didn't want to get an undercut like they did with PS3, they wanted a fair price for their chips

TheVigilanteCode1208d ago


You're pretty misguided on how hardware is outsourced to 3rd party devices from it's vendors.

"They lost money on PS3 GPU"

First off, Nvidia didn't "lose" ANY money on the PS3's RSX. They were just getting minimal increments from that of the previous generation console they supplied the GPU for, the original XBOX. The main reason Microsoft released a next-gen console in 2005, in such a hurry was because Nvidia were ripping them off with their GPU, without giving updated prices on hardware refreshes year over year - in layman's terms, reducing manufacturing costs and screwing Microsoft over by not giving them cheaper prices, by sticking to the same initial deal. Nvidia wanted the same margin on the PS3 as well and SONY showed them the middle finger throughout the lifespan of the PS3, counting 85+ million units sold till date.

Secondly, SONY took losses on EVERY PS3 sold till 2009 where they started to turn it over. Nvidia got out the console ecosystem out of pure greed. Nothing more to say about a shit company which charges it's consumers "NVIDIA TAX" in the PR bullshit name of "FOUNDER'S EDITION" of their products.

AMD on the other hand set up an entire division to R&D and support custom x86 based SoC's, though they have done some stupid thing in the past as well like overpaying ATI to acquire them, spinning off the handset division to Qualcomm etc. which came back and bit them harder and one of the main reasons for their financial drought currently in every hardware market they're in.

Dasteru1207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )


You have that kind of backwards. According to various reports early in the development of the PS4, Sony went to Nvidia and wanted them to start a brand new assembly line for custom SoCs for the PS4. Wanted the chips for only slightly above cost, basically telling Nvidia they should be glad to give the chips away just for the honor of working with Sony. Then on top of all that, they wanted exclusive rights to said chips, telling Nvidia they would not be able to use the chips for anything else, or sell them to other product manufacturers. Nvidia told Sony to take a hike and Sony was stuck with AMD as the leftovers, who at the time were doing badly and were desperate for the business.

1208d ago
YinYangGaming1208d ago

They'll make more money from their SoC being in the NX than their own Shield tablet and it would be bad PR to have a competing device, I don't think this discourages the rumours about Nvidia supplying the SoC for the NX. After all, those AMD rumours that surfaced recently are 100% fake

Mrveryodd1208d ago

Didn't the last one tank ? If so why would you .

ABizzel11208d ago

The tablet didn't.

The handheld kind of did, the Shield TV I don't know.

TheColbertinator1208d ago (Edited 1208d ago )

Big fan of the Nvidia Shield but lets be honest that it had a whole host of problems. If Nintendo plans to use a successor or a similar model,I wonder how much software they truly plan to accommodate in both the console and tablet market.

Perhaps not just Nintendo games but also Apps or even Android gaming.

Food for thought. I'm sure in the end Nintendo will deliver greatness this time.

Ark_1207d ago

That's what I am hoping for as well. Full android support.
And maybe even Nvidias "GameStream". If they feature the latter, that would also be a big win for Nvidia, since you need a Nvidia graficscard in your PC for it to work.

It would be a smart move, but I am sceptical about Nintendo opening up their ecosystem.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1207d ago

Well since it's a handheld. No doubt The 3DS Japanese Third Party Support will be on board.

TheColbertinator1207d ago

That's always a plus. Publishers like Capcom,Tecmo Koei,Namco Bandai,Square Enix and Sega have always delivered strong support to Nintendo portables.

spoonard1208d ago

Yeah...nVidia has everything to fear from Nintendo...

TABSF1208d ago

This is most defiantly a fanboy statement, Nvidia always challenge competition!

From what the rumours are saying, the NX will feature Nvidia next gen Tegra platform, it is only division that Nvidia has struggled with compared to its over arms (they've destroyed AMD in GPUs for 5 years now)

Tegra has never captured the Mobile/ Tablet market so putting in a Nintendo console would help drive this weak part of Nvidia business. Also looking at performance of X1 and looking at Pascal I don't this it would be a stretch to argue that NX could compete with PS4/XBO even as a portable.

1208d ago
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