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FGE - After months of anticipation and mounting hype, Hello Games’ majestic spacefarer No Man’s Sky finally arrived this past week. The game’s cryptic and enigmatic marketing and promotion has left many a gamer eagerly anticipating the moment they would finally get their hands on No Man’s Sky, but is it everything we hope for?

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1208d ago
spoilerjerk1208d ago

Translation: I wanted Assassins Creed in space.

C-H-E-F1208d ago

Yeah, I think people who don't know what Survival Space Exploration Game is shouldn't play this game and be eligible to review it. People are idiots lOl, like I can't play a basketball game expecting football, that just doesn't make any sense.

Anyone, don't click on this review, don't give this guy the "clicks" to the site, no need to pay him for ignorance.