No Man's Sky Review: an unending broken universe to explore - Windows Central

Windows Central: "As I open my eyes and look around, I can see the husk of my ship throwing sparks into the sky painted in shades of green. Around me there is more wreckage from my ship, as well as the ground flowering with plant life that I never could have imagined. After just a few moments I realize that I'll need to do some tinkering to fix my ship if I ever want to get off of this planet. Considering there doesn't seem to be anyone else around, I can rely only on myself."

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spoilerjerk1209d ago ShowReplies(10)
t-hall7851209d ago

Agreed. Highly anticipated. Highly overrated.

MasterCornholio1209d ago (Edited 1208d ago )

Metacritic of 69 seems fine to me.


I mean that a metacritic of 69 seems appropriate for a game like this. All I'm trying to say is that it's not really overrated. However I will admit that I was expecting it to do better. It's a shame that the developers fell short with this game.


Your right that he's a liar.


"This account will no doubt be marked Spam and banned but I would like to say for the last time, this is me gone from N4G for good and letting you guys know that. "

All true except for this part.

"this is me gone from N4G for good and letting you guys know that "


Now the score is at 70. I expect it will fluctuate around that.

81BX1209d ago

Idk, i havent played the game yet so i cant comment on gameplay but an avg of 69 really isnt that great for a new ip. I hope it sells enough to warrent another, this gives the devs a chance to re work the formula. I think 75 or above is ok.

1209d ago
Goldby1209d ago


Stop try and just leave already, you embarras yourself by lying, putting full emphasis on metacritic when its to your advantage and dismiss it when it isnt.

no one wants you here, you're an annoyance and and liar. just leave please. it will help us all out. we will be able to discuss things in peace, and you can learn how to operate without all the attention put on you

1209d ago
Goldby1209d ago

also claiming i work for IGN. and used the site i work for (that has absolutely no ties to any major site) as a way to bump up the overall score. if he swears by metacritic he would have realized my score isnt even on there. #failmuch lol

but hey, its difficult convincing someone whos insane (definition of insanity is doing the exact same actions and expecting a different result) he speaks b.s and gets banned yet keeps coming back for more.

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kaizokuspy1209d ago

A small dev team made this. It's an indie game. If people are expecting it to be a AAA title it's retarded. Sean murrat did 3 interviews with IGN showcasing the game. It's on youtube I got what I paid for and have sank 40 hours into it. It's a chill game. Not meant to be anything as engrossing as witcher 3 or others of that magnitude

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Razzer1209d ago

You say the same thing about all Sony games. "Uncharted is overrated".

we4201209d ago

Because the gamers/news outlets made it that way. The developers stated what we should expect from this game but some gamers expected this to be some revolutionary video game. I'm enjoying the game for what it is, an exploration game.

Christopher1207d ago

***Highly overrated.***

Metacritic and the review average on N4G seem to disagree. Highly overrated would be 9/10 or higher average. That is far from the case here.

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Rhezin1209d ago

Could've seen this coming..the game looks hollow as hell.

1208d ago
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reaperofsouls1209d ago

A Microsoft site reviewing a game that is on steam and ps4 , lol ok

BattleAxe1209d ago

A Microsoft site reviewing a game on Windows seems legit to me.

AKR1209d ago

It's on PC...Windows = Microsoft.
Did you really think about that before you typed?

reaperofsouls1209d ago

You can run steam without Windows on Linux,

JasonKCK1209d ago

Not all games are supported on Linux.

1209d ago
1209d ago
TheManicCoder1209d ago

You just went full retard. :)

ONESHOTV21209d ago Show
Majister-Ludi1209d ago

Yea because Microsoft has nothing to do with pc right. People on this site are straight up retarded at times simply amazing.

Kiwi661209d ago

Yeah the horror of a site reviewing the pc version of a multiplat game , when will it end /S

fanboysmackdown1209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

Another tool.......from the tool box.

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