Female Gamer Lauds European Action on Gender Stereotyping

Yesterday GamePolitics reported on the European's Parliament's call to reduce gender stereotyping. While not exclusively focused on video games, the EP did give games and digital media a specific rap on the knuckles.

While Ars Technica's Ben Kuchera seemed to regard the EP's conclusions as somewhat overstated the author of the PixiePalace blog sees things differently:

"I think [the EP action is] awesome and well overdue. I wish our government here in the United States would ask for something like that... I don't think I think [the game biz has] made as much progress as [Kuchera] does. Where I really take issue with him is his claim that videogames are no worse than movies in this area... If you walk into a video store, it's pretty easy to find a movie that portrays women pretty well."

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