Z-Trigger: The Nintendo IP Protection Plan

With the recent release of two Nintendo fan projects, the Z-Trigger crew discusses DMCA takedowns and the potential that these projects may have had. Also featured are reviews of Lords of the Sith by Paul S. Kemp and Dark Night: A True Batman Story by Paul.

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jholden32491218d ago

Ya know, if they didn't issue takedowns for high-profile releases then that would send a signal that anyone can do anything they like with their IP. I will never argue against a company protecting its IP.

The issue, to me, is in whether they choose to allow the fan project to finish to completion before issuing the takedown, or if they stop it in its tracks.

By allowing the project to finish before issuing a takedown notice, fans win because the project is now on the internet and anyone can obtain it who so desires, and Nintendo wins because they maintain consistency without allowing some projects to exist but not others.

The bottom line is as long as they let the project finish to completion before issuing a take-down, then there is no issue imo.

1215d ago