People Are Using 'No Man’s Sky' To Memorialize Lost Family Members

For some, a game about wonder and discovery has become a quiet place to remember the dead.

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TwoForce1210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

I think this game for people to feel sad and happy. No Man Sky have some warm planets that you won't go anywhere. Because it remind you someone who you lost. My grandfather died 4 years ago. But I can still hear him calling me. Losing someone who you love is more desperate than losing money, fame or something. The only I feel anger and sad when I see someone die who is too young and have a wonderful life and even more so. Life is unfair, isn't it ?

Edit : I can tell you one thing that the most offensive thing could make you people more angry than other. If someone make a joke about you lost your love one then I can tell that you would be piss about it.

GrimmyReaper1209d ago


I do hope people know that planet structures are reset?
The developer confirmed this

MasterCornholio1209d ago

Wasn't that just at launch though?

GrimmyReaper1209d ago

No that was everything but the inventory was wiped.
Planet structures and most important, the tagging names on things.

They confirmed that planet reconstruction will not be saved because of how the game is made.
The reason the game is only 10GB is because everything is constantly regenerated, which includes planets you have already visited.

I'm not sure on the time it takes or maybe just a game reset but this means that whatever you destroy on a planet will be reset later on

MasterCornholio1209d ago

From my understanding naming planets and galaxy's is permanent though right?

GrimmyReaper1209d ago

Yes. Since the day one patch, everything was reset and from then on the name tagging system is permanent