Sean Murray tweets on fixing bugs for older AMD Phenon CPUs

“It's been a very long night, a lot of the team are still here though! We are currently testing fixes for older AMD Phenom CPUs + more :)”

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MaximusPrime_1810d ago

Hardworking team. Devoted. Kudos to them.

Dabigsiebowski1810d ago

Hardworking and under delivered hard. At a 60 dollar price tag you'd think they would have hired more help to make the game better.

Hoffmann1810d ago

At a $60 bucks price tag I would really expect that the game works without such technical flaws.

But how many games have problems at launch today? 40%? 60%? It is annoying.

YinYangGaming1810d ago

I don't even game on PC but for those that do it really sucks that they get shafted with ports like this sometimes. Apparently someone on twitter found PS4 files in the code for the PC version, obviously suggesting it might be a bad port job

spoilerjerk1809d ago

I guess I'm confused... supposed AAA games like Halo 5 for example had massive teams, huge budgets and couldn't do more than put out a 6 hours game that had broken online at launch. No Man's Sky on the other hand had a handful of people put out a game that I myself have already put 35+ hours into and enjoyed the exploration, puzzles, lore, language learning, exosuit/starship/multitool customization and insane variety of planets/creatures to document. Under delivered? LOL, this is the most important new game since Super Mario 64... game development will change forever because of it. Unless you work for Ubisoft then get ready for more hand holding games like Assassins Creed, Far Cry and Watch Dogs.

1809d ago