This No Man's Sky PC Frame Rate Fix is a Miracle

A No Man's Sky PC frame rate fix has been revealed, with it making the game a much smoother experience.

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Gwiz1213d ago

This is true, it still has moments of freezing though but the game runs much smoother.

camel_toad1213d ago

It does work but just a tip to anyone reading this article - there's a critical typo where he says to look for "gync" but it should be gsync".

Idiedgoodbye1213d ago

I wouldn't be able to continue living without such valuable info.

Thank you camel_toad

Idiedgoodbye1213d ago

It's good they found a fix

Bolts1213d ago

All PC gamers should buy No Man Sky. The 20 FPS performance, boring gameplay and lies will be great way to prepare the community for the huge disappointment that is Star Citizen.

Bladesfist1213d ago

Did you steal this comment from or are you Kexor?

MagicBeanz1213d ago

Well a Chargers fan would know all about "disappointment".

Idiedgoodbye1213d ago

Below the belt ( gets popcorn in anticipation of an internet fight)

Bolts1212d ago

That's why I'm more prepared than most for Star Citizen.

MagicBeanz1213d ago

Hows the screen tearing after the change?

Idiedgoodbye1213d ago

I don't know I can't see shit

MagicBeanz1213d ago

You should get that checked out.

madmonkey011213d ago

it made no difference for me, but if it works for some, then its worth trying.

RabbitFly1212d ago

I have personaly tried both with and without gsync. Game seems to run smoother with it enabled on my rig. Just saying, this is not a universal solution.