No Man’s Sky Review - Twinfinite

Twinfinite: "No Man’s Sky is a game that hits you in waves. After my first 15 hours with Hello Games’ latest project, I had found something remarkably serene about the random chaos that myself and thousands of other players were thrust into. Everything that unfolds before the player’s eyes, from planet landscapes to the very flora and fauna, comes to life thanks to a painstakingly tuned generation algorithm. As I embarked on what would be another 30+ hours of gameplay, still riding the honeymoon of that first wave, I was afraid there was nothing more than that serenity to the experience."

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Aenea1213d ago

Absolutely love the game! well deserved score!

robtion1212d ago

I agree. While I am generally not a fan of twinfinite due to their ridiculous list articles where they put one point an each slide and make you click through 10 pages of advertising just to see the article, I will give credit where credit is due. Great review of an amazing game.

kraenk121213d ago

The first game since a long time that follows me through the day and keeps me up at night..well deserved.