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No Man's Sky is a massive machine with broken and missing parts, but dig deep enough and you'll be moved in ways you never expected.

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YinYangGaming1210d ago

Looks like the meta score is going to average somewhere in the 60s, definitely didn't think it would be this low

P_Bomb1210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

Me neither.

Maybe when the base building gets patched in it'll pad the content issue, one of the more common gripes among critics.

thekhurg1209d ago

It's a massive game full of almost nothing interesting to do. A metacric in the 60 range is a blessing. It's not minecraft in space and it's not a terraria in space. It's not even a better version of starbound.

kraenk121210d ago

I just read the Eurogamer review and it seems spot systems with numbers just don't work for games like this. That's why I usually respect Eurogamer's reviews more than other sites.

Nathan_Hale531209d ago

No, you are just defending this game as hard as possible.

agame9141209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

@nathan and so what if he's defending it. ill defend the game as well and not give a rats ass what anyone else think. I like the game whtchu gonna tell me i cant like the game cause critics?

JasonKCK1209d ago

"I just read the Eurogamer review and it seems spot systems with numbers just don't work for games like this."

Do you not see it? Go over this a couple more times until you do.

sammarshall1021210d ago

The writing was on the wall with NMS though. I knew the ratings would be low

1209d ago
TGGJustin1209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

It very well could end in the 70's. There are still a lot of good scores coming in for it. Also YinYang why do you feel the need to bring your downer attitude to everything regarding this game.

YinYangGaming1209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

Just as I bring my 'downer attitude' as you put it, I see you and some others bring your defensive attitude trying to shut down anyone that doesn't have the same opinion as you on this game, doesn't mean either one of us has any less right to be here commenting about the game

UnHoly_One1209d ago

I'm surprised it's not lower.

It's a game about shooting rocks.

There is a lot of fancy window dressing on top of it, but at its core, it's a game about shooting rocks.

I don't get it.

pcz1209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

6 is optimistic and generous for a glorified tech demo. its the sort of thing that should be a freebie with each ps4.

maybe in the future they will actually build a game using the technology they used to create this... generator. until then, only a fool would throw $$$ down the drain on what is essentially an experiment.

SimpleYet_Not1209d ago

The game is not for every one

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DrakeFan11210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

7 is a pretty good score considering Gamespot always rate games tougher than other sites. They gave Quantum Break a 6 and that game is like a consent 7 from everyone. A 7 is more like an 8 from everywhere else. IGN already gave it a 9 and these are the two few sites that matter when it comes to review.

kevinsheeks1210d ago

Technically correct ign italy gave it a 9 while ign the main site is currently still reviewing but left a statement saying at that point they'd give it a 6

DrakeFan11210d ago

I found what you are speaking about.

From the IGN reviewer 2 hours ago-
"I still haven't quite reached the center of the galaxy, but if I had to score No Man's Sky today, I'd give it a 6.0, for Okay."

Oh man, don't do this to me IGN :(

kraenk121210d ago


Who respects IGN (US) these days?!

kraenk121210d ago

Eurogamer gave it a recommended which happens seldomly's all I need to know.

Sm00thNinja1210d ago

Euro gamer gives out recommended all day. Do you really need a site to tell you to play a game or not

Redx1651209d ago

I rather listen to ACG and Worthabuy...

So far ACG said rent ore buy on a sale. I know worthabuy is going to tear this game apart.

Septic1209d ago

Look no beating around the bush; it's got a very mixed reception. But if you're enjoying it as much as you claim you are then don't worry about reviewers and just enjoy it mate.

kevinsheeks1210d ago

ehhhhh no biggie I enjoyed suicide squad and it's being tore apart I don't agree with any of the critics and will purchase the dvd when it releases. what's that term for things you secretly love even when it's not popular, well you get my point it's best to just enjoy it and say screw everyone who doesn't get it.

1210d ago
Nathan_Hale531209d ago

Almost every person I know, including me, LOVED Suicide Squad. The user reviews are much higher.

AstroCyborg1209d ago

no reviews matter they all come down to who bribes the most sites

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kevnb1210d ago

I think its a tough game to score, its a little rough but its also unique.

kraenk121210d ago

Read the Eurogamer review. It's spot on.

Kiwi661209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

So does that mean that all other reviews aren't spot on in their opinion and why should Eurogamer's opinion be the only one that counts when other sites are entitled to give their opinion also unless its because you don't like what they have to say so you want to hide all other reviews because they talk about the faults etc in the game

Grap1209d ago

why are you spaming Eurogamer [email protected]? we get it already.

Nathan_Hale531209d ago

Compared to all the other exploration/Procedurally generated games?

mkis0071210d ago

One game where the reviews won't tell the full story. I love the game so far in about 15 hours, but if you are looking for an ending or a set goal you are looking at the wrong game.

Nathan_Hale531209d ago

Almost everyone knows it doesn't have a real ending.

1209d ago
tdogchristy901210d ago

I get a very Destiny vibe from this....

First the hype meant it couldn't live up.

Secondly the fact that there is a lot with the game that you'll technically get your money worth in terms of hours spent. More than the typical 8h.

However, just like with Destiny...when the honeymoon wears off and you really start digging in, it seems hollow.

So idk, it seems like a good game, just lacking that makes some regret $60.

(I haven't played it yet, but I just get a destiny vibe about it. Idk, guess I'll have to wait a little longer for the dust to settle as so many things got burned this gen...watchdogs, destiny, division.)

spoilerjerk1209d ago

I don't know... I couldn't get back about 10 hours of Destiny before quitting it all together whereas NMS I'm 30 hours in and can't wait for the next 30.

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