Future Xbox One System Software Update Will Let You Turn Off the Startup Sound

If you’d like to turn on your Xbox One late at night without waking up your mom, cat or significant other, help is on the way as part of a future system software update, as shared by Xbox Live Director of Programming Larry Hryb.

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OpenGL1218d ago

I actually like the startup sound, glad they finally added it for when the system is powered on with the controller.

darthv721218d ago

Maybe they can change it to using your own sound clips in a future update. Having custom sounds like on pc or your phone.

OpenGL1217d ago

That would be great and offer some funny startup sounds.

OldGuyStillGaming1218d ago

I was pretty pissed that all of sudden it has a start up and power down sound after the last update.
It's not as loud as the beep on my ps4 but I still don't like it.

TheCommentator1218d ago

Yeah, first thing I did was look into turning it off. I'm glad to hear that we'll have options in the future so people can choose if they want to use the sounds or not.

Options are always good, like having BC!

Idiedgoodbye1218d ago

It's good because it's a console alarm system similar to the one in my car, I'll know when someone messes with property. Pesky lil kids, they're part of the family but damn they're annoying, especially when your trying to sleep /s

OpenGL1217d ago

I like it because in the past I've had times where my controller wouldn't turn on the system due to loss of power, and it makes it more clear when the system is on / off.

Iceball20001218d ago

I'd like for when you have multiple users on a console that the start up screen can show the users in bubbles plus a guest like it sorta does when your opening an app that requires a user to be singed in

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The story is too old to be commented.