No Man's Sky on PS4 Is the Biggest Disappointment of 2016

Push Square: "Good grief, I'm like James Bond in Skyfall's highlands scene right now, clumsily securing Push Square Towers from inevitable impending attacks. There's always been a little bit of crazy in this industry, but Hello Games' hotly anticipated space sim has garnered such a staunch fanbase that it's becoming increasingly impossible to criticise the game; Jim Sterling's website, incredibly, is still offline."

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rocketpanda1218d ago

"Is" is used as absolutes in sentences as fact. Use it as a question as to not seem like a pretentious idiot for clicks.

joeorc1217d ago

@rocketpanda13h ago
["Is" is used as absolutes in sentences as fact. Use it as a question as to not seem like a pretentious idiot for clicks]

Exactly, not really hard to miss when they are so trying hard to try to mask it as an opinion piece, but yet the Media making and implying things the way such do sure helps it stick out like a sore thumb.

1217d ago
joeorc1217d ago

@Shin-Zantetsuken12m ago(Edited 11m ago)
[The problem with this game was that the studio did not properly communicate what the game actually was. ]

Great post you had thumbs up, but this point I completely disagree with, because I infact think they did have communication quite well every step of the way with , the video's and interviews..I just think, many may have interpretation issues about what he was saying, or in my the old saying in classic teacher grading..

Johnny participate's in class, : but does need to work on his listening skills..and he sometimes wonders off and has failure to pay attention to detail.

Death1217d ago

If the games premise was communicated clearly, there really wouldn't have been any way to interpret thing's wrong. Even game cases were printed wrong and needed relabeled.

wsoutlaw871217d ago

I agree that the problem with this game to some people is that they were making the game out to be what THEY wanted it to be. There have been countless videos and explanations out there for everyone but some people saw the first trailer and invented a game they wanted it to be. I knew from all the info out there that it wasn't something I was interested in, so I didnt buy it.

kraenk121217d ago

Just like with The Order the game became victim of people having wrong expectations despite the devs being pretty clear on it right from the start.

_-EDMIX-_1217d ago

@shin- how is it that the team did not communicate with the game was? Me and many gamers fully 100% understand what we are getting into purchasing this game in fact there was never a time while I was playing and no man's Sky did I not understand what I was getting into I very much knew what I wanted to play out of this game and I very much got everything that they stated this game was.

You cannot keep saying the same stupid line over and over again without properly supporting your argument. what was it that they did not convey?

What was it that is inside this game that was never explained to the consumer about its concept?

And ignorance is not an excuse it is not this company's fault that even in spite of telling consumers what the game is that consumers decided to form their own opinions on what they wanted it to be as opposed to what the company was literally saying it was.

Nitrowolf21217d ago

Actually I thought that for a while now that they did communicate it very clear but I obviously missed some of the interviews out there. There are a lot of statements they made that we're simply lies at the end. I'm enjoying the game a lot but I'm not going to deny that the communication as to what the game exactly was, wasn't clear.

1217d ago
Sadist31217d ago

The developer did not clearly indicate the full capacity of the gameplay. Here it has been released, and people are still asking what the game is about. I for one asked one of my friends who purchased the game the same exact question. Because all of the interviews discussed that you basically go around from planet to planet getting materials and running into different wildlife. I'm thinking, that's it? And this is the game everyone is talking about? You have games like fallout, metal gear and uncharted but yet everyone is excited about gathering materials and shooting a wired animal or robot?

fr0sty1217d ago (Edited 1217d ago )

The game can get repetitive at times, until you find something new to get into that is cool. It needs some more content in some areas. I'd like to see more variety in weapons for the ships to make space battles cooler (homing missiles, for instance), maybe some more variety to the bolt caster to make different weapons types, and then add a multiplayer mode that lets you do space battles or land based battles over outposts, but the entire solar system is your map and you are expected to achieve objectives that are spread across it.

The game has so much potential, it's managed to tap into something special, it just needs to keep growing. The addition of building bases and farming was a cool start, I'd like to see where it goes from here. The world can keep growing. They can keep adding new variables for the game to use when crafting lifeforms, planets, etc. They can add new gameplay mechanics. This game will likely be a much different game in a few years than it is today... or a sequel is going to come a long that will implement these much requested features into the game and make it what it was meant to be.

A great start, none the less.

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trooper_1217d ago

This game looks good to me. It's crazy how there's so much hatred against it.

Lonnie181217d ago

ikr so much hatred, I don't understand because I thought people wanted new refreshing experiences...but they wanna hate and shoot stuff!

thekhurg1217d ago

It's not hatred it's more of a realization that the game gets exceptionally boring at a rapid pace.

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-Foxtrot1218d ago

I think it's lacking buuuut no offence journalists already decided this before it came out so even if it was amazing it would still be called a disappointment in some way.

sammarshall1021217d ago

Maybe from what they saw or played of the game

It's not their faults

Rude-ro1217d ago

Ha! Do you remember when all the Kinect games started to come out and the games were so bad that the Microsoft media shills actually tried to redefine reviewing a game according to the fact children might play the games and enjoy it?

Gaming media, been trying to kill gaming since 2001

kraenk121217d ago

You never even played the game so why do you pretend to have an opinion on it?!

COMMENT-OF-THE-YEAR1217d ago (Edited 1217d ago )

I personally think the game is amazing. Me and some friends have been playing it on PS4 none stop since launch. Tried on PC but we all know how that is at the moment. Never the less it still runs on PC, Just a tad bit unstable. Either way I'm enjoying it. Their twitter stated bugs are the first priority and fixes coming real soon. I like how they respond within the day. Nice to know for the size of the studio they are extremely dedicated.

Side note, It's crazy to see how much coverage this game is getting, either good or bad. I have not seen a game get this much scrutiny and/or praise in a long time.

Germany71218d ago

Looks like this guy didn't play Quantum Break and Mighty No. 9.

DrakeFan11218d ago

Yea, Quantum Break is the flop of the year considering it's budget and hype. Gamspot gave it a 6 while NMS received a 7 from them.

DragonbornZ1218d ago

Eh I dunno. They both were pretty hyped up, which both went on for 3 years right?
They both are unique in their own right, but score-wise NMS meta is way below QB tho.

Wouldn't consider either a flop. A bit overhyped sure.


QB is no flop. Wasn't as good as I hoped but far from a flop. Why do you Sony fanboys need to bring up MS games when one of your own doesn't live up to the hype? You probably don't even have a X1 or QB.

_-EDMIX-_1217d ago

Lol, I might say the biggest disappointment might be the mighty 9 simply because of its basic concept that they couldn't even properly pull off despite it being a successor to an existing concept.

Quantum break in my personal opinion I feel should get some what of a pass considering it's a completely brand new IP whereas the mighty 9 is a successor to a concept that is existing got delayed several times and still launched with a crap load of issues and not necessarily feeling the way the previous Mega Man games did.

1217d ago
ColonelHugh1217d ago (Edited 1217d ago )

@rookie monster

Give it a break, man. I have more patience than most when listening to trolling fanboys, but the cringe is overwhelming. Please, give up the hate, or relocate for your own well-being. Neo GAF or /v/ would suit you, I think, and should you surprisingly decide to leave, I wish you the best.
As for No Man's Sky, this always was going to be divisive. It's not really about being good or bad as, like Minecraft, this isn't a normal game. It does what it intends to, and the apparent quality, entertainment, and sense of exploration and adventure is entirely up to the gamer who plays it. Personally, I've had fun finding plants like the "Banana-hands McSporepod," and such creatures as the "Tripopatops," "armadurtle," and my favorite, the "Duck-footed Ratlump/Darwin's Nightmare."

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sammarshall1021217d ago

Are you trying to claim that No Man's Sky is better than Quantum Break??

It doesn't come close

Sharky2311217d ago

Two totally different games! It would be the same as comparing madden to uncharted!

kraenk121217d ago

It's way better tbh. Don't pretend you even played NMS.

isa_scout1217d ago

Have you actually played NMS? I've actually played both and can say that in my opinion NMS is way more fun than QB was. Was QB developed better? Yes,it was. Was its graphics way better?Yes, absolutely. Did QB have as many glaring issues? No, on the whole QB performed quite nicely....But....NMS is more fun actually playing. There's real gameplay in NMS as opposed to Quantum Breaks half baked 3rd person run of the mill generic shooting game. That's just my opinion though. At the end of the day each system has their duds. I remember staying up all night waiting for my MCC to unlock at midnight, only to find that the game was completely broken for me for several months after launch. Yet, that game received glowing praise.
I honestly don't take any journalist serious. I've watched ign and several other big publications play games online and it looks like a 5 year old is playing. How can I put stock into what someone else says when they can't even grasp basic gameplay functions. If a game looks good to me I buy it or gamefly it. Screw what random gamer #350 says. I'm a grown man able to discern for myself what my preferences are. The only thing I need from a review is does the game function properly and have a great deal of glitches/bugs. The rest I can figure out on my own.

Aenea1217d ago

Actually it is, I played NMS and am loving it! I watched a few videos of QB and it's a snooze fest!

See, how silly that sounded? I haven't played QB so I can't actually form an opinion of it's gameplay so I normally refrain from posting stuff like that about it, you should do the same...

RosweeSon1217d ago

No it doesn't come close No Mans Sky is infinitely better game.

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Sam Fisher1217d ago

Tony hawk was a flop straight up, and they tried to sell it for 60.......Lmfaoooooo

Ashlen1218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )

Reguardless of the reviews and what people say the game is selling really well. Tons of people on my friends list have been playing it. And believe it or not more people have been playing it than U4 in it's first week. I use the up-vote number on the PS to tell relatively how well a game has sold. NMS has been out for four days and it has 87.2k up-votes. Uncharted has been out for months and it has 147k. And there are PC sales too. I'm sure if the bandwagon hadn't brought the game down it would have sold even better but I'm pretty sure the game has already been a success sales wise.

Examples of other games on my list atm Until Dawn has 4.7k The Order has 43k Star Ocean has 12,9k Odin Sphere has 4.7k Grand Kingdom has 2.9k Atelier Sophie has 1.9k Natural Doctrine has 1.9k.

So NMS at 87.2k in 4 days is selling extremely well.

joeorc1217d ago (Edited 1217d ago )

[So NMS at 87.2k in 4 days is selling extremely well.]

Exactly, on steam right now it broke a steam store record in how many at one time were playing the game at the same it's not doing , poor that much is sure..

@hells_supernova1h ago
[Only this year not of all time ]

Yup, sorry I was not very clear on that, my fault..but yes that is quite true..for a new IP, and made by such a small's still a pretty nifty feat, in my opinion.

hells_supernova1217d ago

Only this year not of all time

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