Remedy Entertainment’s new CEO is a veteran of Trials developer RedLynx

Tero Virtala, former CEO of Trials developer RedLynx, has been appointed as the new CEO of Remedy Entertainment, creators of Max Payne and Quantum Break.

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XXanderXX1211d ago

MS best secure the Alan Wake IP & make sure QB iP secured also .....

OOMagnum1211d ago

So it goes nowhere else?

XXanderXX1211d ago

Why not , they did have a hand in getting both to market .
Both games were outstanding and different in their own way ,so why not secure the IPs for more game later on .
Also if people want to play them they can always get an Xbox or a Windows OS PC to play them if they want .

spoilerjerk1211d ago

Can you please tell the creative "geniuses" at Remedy to stop it with the TV nonsense and get back to making actual good games like Max Payne and Alan Wake. My goodness was Quantum Break awful.

XXanderXX1211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

QB was different and very cool , just needs more
hoping MS does better with the second one .
AW is on the Backburner somewhere.

Trekster_Gamer1211d ago

QB was a frigging blast! It felt new and had an awesome story and the TV episodes were top notch as well!

ninsigma1211d ago

I wouldn't say it was awful. There are certainly better tps games out there but qb was pretty fun. The TV show was interesting too. I actually was more interested in the show than the game when playing xD

spoilerjerk1211d ago

Cool that you enjoyed it but when I compare it to the first two Max Payne games and Alan Wake I don't think it can even compete. The first time I was a bit worried with Remedy was with American Nightmare, seemed like a different developer all together from Alan Wake's main game. Then Quantum Break just flopped. I'm still interested in seeing what they might do for a future project but I'm starting to get a Rare vibe, where Microsoft took over and just destroys the once great company.

ThePope1211d ago

Did you actually play QB

spoilerjerk1211d ago

Yes... in fact and if you'll bare with me for a moment. I picked up a launch Xbox One but couldn't find exclusives that justified owning the system compared to the PS4. Dead Rising 3 was OK at the time but other than that I just wasn't happy with it... I eventually sold it off shortly after Halo 5 which was one of the worst games I played this generation. However, a couple weeks ago I picked up the 2TB S version purely for Quantum Break... Alan Wake was one of my top 5 games last generation and Max Payne back on the PS2 was incredible. I thought regardless of the reviews Quantum Break will be worth owning an Xbox for. I was wrong.

Yes, I did play QB... and I'd say took me a little over 8 hours to complete and this includes watching the episodes - the gamplay was severely lacking but I thought the design itself was rather uninteresting made all the more uninteresting by the TV connection which probably hurt in the development of the actual game. At the same time I think Remedy might be a one trick pony with their variations of time/space manipulation in games - would be nice to see them brach out and do something a little different. I'd say the time-bending in this game is just as goofy as it was on Blinx from the original Xbox:)

ThePope1211d ago

Did you actually play QB? Start to,finish?

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Donnie811211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

Qb was fun and refreshing. The tv show was really good and I like the idea of what they was wanting to do.