Microsoft's Top 5 Failed Operating Systems

Lets just face the facts, Microsoft NEVER does anything right the first time. Here is a list of their top five botched product launches.

Exhibit A -- Windows 1.01:

There was never officially a version 1.0 of Windows released to the general public. Due to rumored keyboard issues, version 1.01 was released in fall of 1985. Most consumers didn't actually buy into the Windows phenomenon until version 3.1 Keep in mind this is not version 1.0 or even 2.0. Bill Gates and his clan of minions had to go back to the drawing board three times before they got it right.

Exhibit B -- Microsoft Bob:

Who thought this was a good idea... honestly? The pitch was simple, take the successful Windows interface and scrap it completely. Now replace the menu system with a cartoon version of your home, complete with creepy cartoon pets that like to talk to you.

This concept was half-baked pipe dream that proved to be abortion from very the start. Bob was so bad that Microsoft offered all users vouchers for a free copy of Windows 95. Just one look at the creepy Urkel equivalent of the Wal-Mart logo, would have been enough to make me say, "Hell no..."

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jack who3878d ago (Edited 3878d ago )

Windows 98? failled? but not windows ME?

GodsHand3878d ago

I am surprised window ME, did not make that list. I use to use it, but it was pretty stable for me. But I've read it was blue screen of death prone.

I really hated, them removing DOS support. I know it is still there, but it lacks the functionality it use to have.

uie4rhig3878d ago

i think XP should be scrapped from that list and be replaced with ME..

and LOL @ microsoft Bob xD

lsujester3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

Well, no version of Windows has came out of the gate a perfect piece of software. It always requires patches, SP's, or even a redux(I'm looking at you, 98).

While everyone is quick to bash Vista, there are plenty of us, including me, who haven't had the first problem with it. I had many more problems with 98SE than I'm having now. And even some of the most-discussed issues have been present in previous OS's. I distinctly having to upgrade some of my stuff just to get it to work on XP. That whole "run in 98 mode" was a lying sack of crap.

And yeah, I miss DOS. "Format C:" FTW!

Mukiwa3877d ago

Yeah why the hell wasn't ME on this list? That OS was truly dreadful! A mate of mine used it and it just never seemed to stop giving him troubles of one sort or another.
Also I quite liked XP, certainly prefer it to Vista which is frankly ok but not really my cup of tea.

rebirthofcaos3878d ago

well i work giving support to that peice of crap OS and all the people say the same windows is crap believe it or not

Bladestar3878d ago (Edited 3878d ago )

they say you become what you do... it tells a lot about a person that work with a product that he believe is crap... shouldn't you be working for a company that works with OS that you believe on?...

Seriously you company should consider replacing you with a better candidate... I can imagine what's your major excuse when you fail to fix an issue, "uhhh... sorry it can't be fix.. because the OS sucks..."..

In the company I work we have linux admins and windows admin.. we don't put windows haters to work on our windows servers...

seriously you can only become as good as the trust you have on the product you work with... you should consider changing job.. or at least work with an OS you trust... or let me guess.. you are not good enough to actually find a job doing that you like doing...

Willio3877d ago

No need to bash someone because he/she isnt happy at their jobs. The majority of the world dont have their dream job anyways. It pays the bills. Just consider yourself fortunate.

TheExodus3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

@Bladestar: Everyone with a pulse knows that the MS logo is a trademark for cr*p, beit software or hardware. Problem for IT is that 98 percent of all computers shipped in the last 20 years all came with a preinstalled flavor of MS cr*pware on them which forced management to absorb the enormous cost of Windows' support while IT "dealt with it." Good news for IT is that the rise of Linux in the late 90s quickly broke Windows' stranglehold on corporate servers & with Apple chipping away at Windows' desktop monopoly Gates' may actually live long enough to see his reign of terror over IT come to an end.

Dlacy13g3878d ago (Edited 3878d ago ) retro I read the article and realized he was talking about problems out of the gate. Still...I think for the "majority" of users out there, these OS's worked more than fine for their needs. It's only the super users that really found faults with them. The masses didn't care and/or just didn't know about the issues.

darkequitus3878d ago

I wish I sold OS's that failed like those did - LMFAO as I walk to the bank

Montrealien3878d ago (Edited 3878d ago )

Mini-Disc = Flop

Sony Dynamic Digital Sound = Flop

Multi-Media Compact Disc = Flop

Music Clip = Flop

HiFD = Flop

Super Audio CD = Flop

Universal Media Disc = Flop

Blu-ray disc = Success

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