No Man’s Sky Would Probably Be Awesome on Wii U

— Nintendo Enthusiast:

No Man's Sky is being confined to select platforms—PC and PS4. Because of this, quite a number of gamers are left out in the cold when it comes to being able to enjoy this new experience. One particular group is that of the Wii U owners.

Say what you want about the console, but I think that No Man's Sky would be a great fit for the system.

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Death1218d ago

According to the developer No Mans Sky isn't exclusive to PS4 and PC. It may land on other consoles.

Summons751218d ago

Well that's up to Sony since they are the publisher.

iplay1up21218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )

Hello games is the publisher not Sony! They are Indie. So they can do whatever they want with the game.

To make it CLEAR they also own the game.....A PS4 timed exclusive that came out 4 days after PS4 on PC.

Death1218d ago

Sony is the publisher for the physical copies on PS4 only. Digital distribution doesn't require a publisher on PSN or Live Marketplace under the indie rules. Sony is marketing the game For PS4 in exchange for it being a timed exclusive.

_-EDMIX-_1218d ago

Maybe we need to have a course on this site called gaming 101.

publishing does not mean owning.

Microsoft funded the Mass Effect game they published the first Mass Effect they did not own the intellectual property to it, BioWare did as Electronic Arts purchased the property from BioWare not from Microsoft.

Microsoft published Ninja Gaiden 2 which was later released on PlayStation 3 because Microsoft does not own the intellectual property to Ninja Gaiden. thus it released elsewhere.

Again.... publish does not mean owning, seriously look it up.

Null19801218d ago

^ Exactly. What Edmix said.

XisThatKid1217d ago (Edited 1217d ago )

Um, in ref to this article can't the same be said about most exclusives. You know a Bayonetta PS4/X1 port would fit in this catagory among quite a few others. this is s ridiculous piece
edit: I retract that "ridiculous" statement.

jmc88881217d ago

When it comes to being 'console exclusive', PC doesn't count.

That's why many times you'll see a PC version launch the same day, a few days, or a few weeks later (which is absolutely normal without any sort of exclusive tag).

Don't ever use PC as a rationale that it could come to a different console. Apples and oranges.

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darthv721218d ago

It may not happen but... I can actually see using the gamepad as a second screen for scan data. The system could handle the procedural generated voxels probable pretty good too.

iplay1up21218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )

Although Xenoblade X has pop in it is massive beautiful, open world, so I bet your right.

Non Wii U owners say the gamepad is gimmick, but I say its great. They don't realize how convenient it is in games like Mass Effect 3 BOPS2,Assassin s Creed, etc.

jmc88881217d ago (Edited 1217d ago )

It is a gimmick when no one supports it. It is a gimmick when few over these years have figured out a way to use it beyond inventory (and many times they won't even go to this trouble). It was a gimmick because Nintendo themselves couldn't really think of many uses and came up with the BIG LIE that they thought the best thing to do was to build it and let developers come up with uses for it.

That last part is the dumbest thing ever. If you can't think of anything, don't you think the developers might come to the same conclusion? So pretend you don't know this and use it as a forward thinking selling point. This is the sort of bs propaganda that makes companies look really bad. Nintendo spun the gimmick so hard they believed it themselves... and that was a major problem.

I agree BLOPS2's use of it made it the most fun CoD multiplayer experience ever. Precision and quick kill streaks, and all that. But that's one thing.

Zombi U's utilization was meh. As was everything else I used it for. Plus personally for me it's uncomfortable as hell to use. Ergonomic hell.

jmc88881217d ago

That's the other thing I forgot to mention. ANYTHING on the screen takes away from the power needed to run the main game.

So if say you needed a generic 1.0 TFlops to run this game downgraded (just follow me) with NOTHING on the gamepad screen, you'd need MORE power to have something on the screen.

If people are thinking of adding voxels and streaming that to gamepad while also trying to run the game itself on the Wii U... that's like insane.

Right now the Wii U with nothing on the gamepad is what... about 1/3rd the minimum requirements... maybe 1/4th? If you add in gamepad usage it's even worse.

It's like saying you want Battlefield 4 at 4k/60 on a Xbox 360.

LOL_WUT1218d ago

Given how multiplats performed on the WiiU, i doubt it would sell let alone be able to run on the system. ;)

AKR1218d ago

All of that depends on the developer. The PS3 had terrible multiplatform games, yet it was still the most powerful 7th-gen system.

Also, the Wii U has a few superior multiplatform games, such as Need for Speed Most Wanted U.

jmc88881217d ago

Yes, but not by that much and we're comparing a console coming out in 2012, with that of 2005 and 2006.

But it doesn't depend on the developer. Not many people are going to take the time to specifically code a Wii U version. I bet EA lost a good deal of money on Need for Speed Most Wanted U.

The PS3 did have poorer versions most of the time, but there is no way in hell we should be comparing Wii U with PS3/360. They are from different generations.

...and Sony got wise and went for power AND ease.

iplay1up21218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )

No Mans Sky looks nice, but let's face it its not beautiful. Could it run on Wii U, I don't know ,PC required 8 GB ram ,where as a game like Assassins Creed 4 requires 4....we all Know Wii U only has 2, but even though PC required 4,, Assassins Creed 4 graphically was much better on Wii U, than PS360/but of coarse not as good as PS4/XB1/PC.

Looking at Xenoblade X, the Wii U can do more than given credit for. With proper optimisation I bet this game could run on Wii U.

Take Noctilium, and Primordial on X, Zero load times in game, and look very nice, in fact better than NMS in many places.

jmc88881217d ago

Wii U only has 1 GB, the other 1gb is reserved for the OS.

It also needs a minimum GTX 480, which isn't far behind a Xbox One.

Proper optimization? Don't know. This is a big universe which adds complexity that I think is beyond what the Wii U can do. They'd also have to get used to 600p at 20 FPS with the crappiest textures imaginable. Also I don't know how that generation algorithm would run on Wii U low power, nor how complex it would be to get it running on Power PC compared to X86.

But why would they try? They do it to make money, and it would cost them as much or more to port it, then they would get by selling it. Not worth it.

subtenko1217d ago

If it could run it it would be cool tho!

Servbot411218d ago

Well the UI would be a bit more manageable, as it's completely trash on the PS4. The ability to repair your ship shields/thermal suits would be easier as well.

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