No Man's Sky is occasionally boring and frequently amazing - GQ Magazine

GQ Magazine: "After years of unprecedented attention, the captivatingly colourful space adventure No Man’s Sky has finally been released. Its development team, Hello Games – a tiny studio situated in the heart of Surrey – has pulled off what had seemed impossible; fitting an entire universe onto a single disc."

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MilkMan1209d ago

The title of this article should be reversed.
No game should ever have the word boring associated with it. Then again, this isn't a game. It's a quest for rocks.

Goldby1209d ago

someones upset they spent 60$ on a game that was fully explained from the get go.

it isn't a quest for rocks, you just seems to have an odd fascination with rocks in the game.

Theres more things to do in this than alot fo games

MilkMan1206d ago

Tell me what they are please, while you're at it tell me what game hasn't done what this game is attempting to do much better than NMS?
Like when I first meet and Alien. It's anticlimactic and they are no better or different than a stale menu or a vending machine.
Where are the colorful NPC's, the narrative I can get into or not?
By the way, "they" meaning Sony and Hello Games where ultra-secretive about exactly what NMS would be. Look at all the interviews before release. He NEVER said what the game would be like until late in the process and they never divulged information about the game, only leaks and so forth.
This is a program that should have been 15 bucks no more. My offense towards this mineral quest would have lessened with an appropriate price tag.
The level of fun you have with this program is directly tied to the individual. Nowhere is this more glaring than with this waste of code.
Maybe someone, somewhere will take this algorithm and make an actual game out of it.