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Gamereactor UK: "No Man's Sky may not technically constitute an eternity, but it might as well (with its 18 quintillion planets that'd take 585 billion years to see). The much talked about project has been a source of controversy ever since the original reveal at The Game Awards in 2013. There we saw the chief architect of this universe, Sean Murray, nervously telling a awestruck audience: "We have created an eternal universe. Billions of planets, and you're able to explore all of them".

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Bennibop1211d ago

For every average review there are good ones. Such a divisive game, loving it myself!

NukaCola1210d ago

Open the link and search for the word "hype." This word isn't found in these greater scored articles. The low scores use the games "hype" to merit bashing it for failing to live up to expectations made up in their own head. Gaming media has become unethical as all hell.

hardcorehippiez1210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

Yes its a great game in my opinion but then again i grew up on this sort of sci fi . Was also a fan of 65 days of static before this game was even announced so thats an extra bonus