2K Announce 'WWE2K17' Features - Showcase Mode Is Gone

Giving with one hand while pushing away with the other.

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ZombieGamerMan1217d ago

I guess because they can't get Kurt Angle and Chris Beniot, but here's the thing, why if they can't do a Brock Lesnar showcase mode would you make him the cover star not only that why not instead have a showcase mode about someone else like Chris Jericho, The Shield, The Rock, WCW, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, or even Gilberg

GamingTechUnited1216d ago

Because showcase mode with one player is boring as all hell. Showcase was at its best when it featured a cast of playable characters. Focusing in on one is a snooze fest.

And why not have him on the cover? He's one of the biggest money drawers in the company. Most of the fans like him (although I'm a bit on the fence) so I think he's an ok choice.

Also Gilberg. Now there's a man I can respect.

roguedragon11216d ago

I know right who doesn't love Gilberg!
An absolute legend in WWE instead they put in this unknown doosh called Goldberg. Haha

ZombieGamerMan1216d ago

I personally don't like Brock, he's a part timer with no love for the business.

Also how can you not respect the longest reigning lightheavyweight champion Gillberg, the man is a legend

ZombieGamerMan1216d ago

@ roguedragon1, Goldberg? Who's that? Ohhh wait you mean the guy that comes all in gold face paint with the wig that kicks guys in the nuts, yeah, odd fellow that one

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solid_snake36561216d ago

No one tops Gilberg's entrance pyros.

nevin11216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

WWE 16 was a horrible game.

DeadlyFire1216d ago

all of ps3/x360 era til now has been hit or miss some are okay, but none are amazing.

WelkinCole1216d ago

Din't he fail a drug test?

Gman321216d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

I like playing the 2k showcase mode it wasn't all that but its nice to have it in the game 2k really on some bs just streetfighter with no arcade mode 2k coulda did wwe vs wcw or even the undetaker 2kshowcase for this year wwe2k17

Juangie31216d ago

I am ok with showcase being gone, it felt like a chore to me all the tasks... i never play it more than once either.. i'd rather them focus on career and universe mode anyway.

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