Gamasutra In-Depth: EA's Gibeau On Spore, Reinvigorating EA Games

Since its unveiling during Game Developers Conference 2005, Will Wright's evolution sim Spore has become a huge investment for EA, one which the company hopes might eventually expand into an entire division of the company, as has Wright's mega-hit franchise The Sims.

Until that happens, however, Spore falls under the EA Games umbrella managed by label president Frank Gibeau. Beyond that game, Gibeau is working to encourage a label-wide focus on quality, one which he admits had "slipped" in the years prior to CEO John Riccitiello's wide-reaching reorganization of the company.

Gamasutra sat down with Gibeau to discuss the high expectations for Spore, what exactly success means in the context of that game, plans for the franchise, and why it's important to EA's long-term bottom line that studios be allowed to prioritize quality over rigid development deadlines.

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