Is a New PS Vita Secretly in the Works?

Sony is said to announce the PS Vita Trinity on September 7, but is it a good idea?

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Ironman0981209d ago

that would be fckin awesome ASLONG as Sony actually supports it better -.- , I REALLY hope they do

Aloy-Boyfriend1209d ago

I wonder if there's also a Vita NEO as well with titles that work on the OG vita as well. Hmn...

naruga1209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

if they bring it along with Monster Hunter 5 and all the previous entries HD remastered will be one hell of an idea ...if they support it again with lame half assed Uncharteds and Killzones thanks

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starchild1209d ago

There's one thing Sony could do that would make me instantly buy a new handheld from them: make it play all the same games as the PS4.

The ability to continue playing my games when I am out of the house would be incredible. Remote play is a cool idea, but it doesn't work very well for me in practice. You need a strong connection on both ends and that's not usually feasible. I want to be able to play when I'm at the park, on the freeway (as a passenger, of course) or somewhere else without a good connection.

This might seem like an impossible thing to ask, but I don't see any reason it wouldn't be possible. Mobile hardware is getting powerful enough that Sony conceivably could build a handheld with enough power to run simplified versions of PS4 games.

First of all, the handheld screen-size would be only a few inches across so you could get away with running the games at a much lower resolution than on the PS4, which would save a huge amount of performance right off the bat. Anti-aliasing would also be less necessary at that PPI. Beyond those things, developers could also remove or pare back some of the more demanding effects. I honestly don't care if the games look quite a bit worse than they do on the PS4, I just want to be able to continue playing my games away from the house.

Basically what I'm envisioning is Sony having a three tiered ecosystem: a handheld, a regular PS4, and PS4 Neo. All three devices would play the exact same games, but at varying levels of graphical fidelity. The standard PS4 would provide the baseline and from there games would be pared back for the handheld and upgraded for Neo.

If Sony is already asking developers to create two different graphical modes for Playstation games going forward I don't see any reason they can't require them to build in three different graphical modes.

I currently own a PS4, but I do more of my gaming on PC. I'll be honest though, if Sony do what I'm describing here I will buy the Neo and the new handheld and will probably do all of my gaming there. Sony would create an even stronger reason for gamers to become deeply invested in their ecosystem.

rainslacker1209d ago

I'm somewhat discontented with the concept of a mid-gen upgrade for consoles, but I'd be downright pissed if Sony decided to release a new portable, when their current Vita is more than adequate, and Sony can't even be bothered to Support it with software outside of games.

There are plenty of things Sony could do to simply revitalize the Vita, instead of trying to reboot with a new hardware iteration, and the Vita potential has gone woefully under utilized. I love the Vita, and play it a lot because it gets a lot of games that I enjoy playing, just not from Sony itself....and on the Sony support end it's the most disappointing console they've ever released.

Even if this "trinity" uses the principal of forward compatibility, I"d have to ask, what's the point, since Sony itself can't support the Vita sufficiently enough to make forward compatibility worthwhile.

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dboyman1209d ago

Sony needs to learn to go with regular micro sd cards this time around...

Fullmetalevolust1209d ago

if they do, they might know something about Nintendo's NX that we don't, and they're trying to counter it. I am all for a new PSvita that supports all the games I bought, including my ps1 library and all the downloaded games. Stronger remote play with more buttons is welcome.

_-EDMIX-_1209d ago

I'm not sure this has to do with Nintendo releasing a new handheld if you consider it's still the Vita so is this just a revision like they normally do or is this a new handheld?

Sony has been known to do several revisions of their platforms so for all we know this is merely just that. From what we're hearing about Nintendo's next handheld it sounds like the biggest feature is playing it on the TV, where the PSP Model 3000 technically has a feature that does just that so I'm not sure it would be something brand-new to Sony considering such a feature was inevitable with the Vita considering the PSP had a revision that allowed the very same thing.

donwel1209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

Honestly I'm in two minds. I doubt it because of their abysmal support of the current system, but at the same time I hope so as I love my Vita and the third party support it's gotten over the years has been fantastic and more than made up for Sonys lack of interest.
As an aside, if they are releasing a Vita successor/new model Vita they should put the OLED back in. Vita games on an OLED screen just look gorgeous as hell compared to LCD.

_-EDMIX-_1209d ago

I would say the biggest feature I would want out of a revision would be the ability to play it on a TV sort of like the PSP 3000 model.

Also if they go with micro SD cards as the biggest reason I did not purchase the PlayStation Vita was because the ridiculous cost.

I ended up just getting a PS TV on sale.

donwel1209d ago

That was the plan for the OG Vita. That port on the top right next to the game card slot was intended to be used to let you plug it into your TV, as well as for other accessories that, in the end never got to see the light of day.

joeorc1209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

If it is, I doubt very much it would be a Handheld some gamers are thinking it would be..if I was a betting most likely would be a smartphone with no physical buttons , with maybe a 6" screen, with a dual shock game pad support..running a AndroidOS that may be forked! Like Amazon does with its fire devices. The Amazon fire player, fire stick & Fire Tablet are infact Android OS based..that's exactly why Google playstore, and services can be side loaded.

So AndroidOS fork of the PSVita to have PSVita games ported to this smartphone with all control UI support for games & Apps is able to use a standard Dual shock 3 or 4..

So PSVita OS with Android Fork..all on the same handheld ..produced from the xperia line of Smartphones & Tablets.

As for a dedicated New PSVita..I would not bet on it as to try to build up a renewal in the North American markets as well in Europe & UK..the only real market for the PSVita as it stands now is Asia & Japanese market.

Just being realistic, and this is from a owner of both PlayStation TV and PSVita , and I use both everyday.. Just being real about it in my opinion. If there was such in the works.

Aenea1209d ago

So, a Sony Xperia with support for Vita games?

Didn't they try something like that for the PSP?

joeorc1209d ago

@Aenea17m ago
[So, a Sony Xperia with support for Vita games?

Didn't they try something like that for the PSP?]

Sort of, see the xperia play was Sony Ericsson, side of the business, Sony Ericsson licences the device to at the time to support Sony Mobile tools and software. Well Sony purchased all of Sony Ericsson stock, so Now it's completely Sony's.

Now if you take the recent Moves and investments into account.

Sony downsized the Ericsson buy out man power, cut it's number of units it produces , and the number of models.

Moved it buy out HQ, to silicon valley..

Like So:

Sony Mobile U.S. Quietly Replaced Chief, Cut Jobs and Moved to Silicon Valley

The same space as...drum roll..that's right, the new PlayStation Subsidiary HQ is at..Silicon Valley.

"Sony moves PlayStation business to Silicon Valley -January 26, 2016

And Sony created yet another among its other subsidiaries..yet another Company..Apr 1st of this year..

And now Forwardworks

"Sony Announces ForwardWorks Mobile Gaming Division To Push PlayStation Games To Smartphones
By Horia Ungureanu | Mar 25, 2016 06:08 AM EDT"

Think about the steps...and now all xperia phones are sold , unlocked like Google Does with its own line of Smartphones.

Since forwardworks is set up as it's own Subsidiary, making PlayStation games for mobile.. What better way than to have a true PlayStation smartphone to develop for, since Sony already makes smartphone's what better way to distinguish the xperia brand further..and with no need for a phone with custom controls made , and just use a standard Dual shock it's just another smartphone with a touch screen.

It serves both Markets it would be the software & services that would set it apart.

PlayStation Vue already is now on AndroidOS, Sony now manufacturer a OTA HD TV tuner for Smartphones .

now think about this a Local OTA ..TV, built in with , Playstation Vue : Cable cord streaming TV & DVR service ..PlayStation games with all using DUal shock 4 or 3 controller support..and mini HDMI out..SD card storage, remote play with the PS4, and PlayStation Now..

With PSVita OS including a Fork of Android OS..Google play..

Would you really need a dedicated game handheld at that point?

/ grin.

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