Sony And Microsoft Bet Big That Now Is The Time For 4K

In the grand chess game of retail strategy many have wondered if Sony was waiting for their rival Microsoft to tip their hand when they were the first to reveal the specs of their upcoming Scorpio system. With their Septembwr 7th conference upcoming Skewed and Reviewed ask in a new opinion piece is consumers are ready for the arrival of 4K.

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Alexious1217d ago

4K is amazing, I can attest to that. But it requires A LOT of computational power.

Garethvk1217d ago

It is an ideal platform for VR.

MasterCornholio1217d ago

It seems a bit premature to start releases 4K consoles. Like you said 4K needs an incredible amount of power to look good which is why im not expecting consoles to support 4K anytime soon. That's mostly due to cost than anything else.

PurpHerbison1217d ago

Well, remember when we thought 1080p on consoles was a bit extreme, but they did it anyway and games suffered from sub30fps? Get ready for 4k at sub30fps!

2pacalypsenow1217d ago (Edited 1217d ago )

I love the move for 4k, but I don't think the technology/price is there yet for mainstream adoption, I mean it took HD almost 10 years to be mainstream and I get that information is much easier to find today than it was in 1996 but still, 4k has been out since 2012

Garethvk1217d ago

I think some of it is that they went to VR and realized that 4K is really the best format.PC users need a 970 series card that can do 4K and I think to make the PS VR as competitive aa it could be, they had to make the move earlier than expected.

MasterCornholio1217d ago

In my country we don't even have HD TV channels yet. Which means my 1080P TV isn't being used much for native 1080P content unless it's for gaming.

kraenk121217d ago (Edited 1217d ago )'ll be another 5 years or so until it truly becomes mainstream, especially worldwide where it might take even longer.

PSXQ81217d ago

The next 4 years yes! now even the best gpus in market can't handle true 4k.

ocelot071217d ago

Yup completely agree. I have 2x 480s I can play stuff like Battlefield 4 or Hardline at 4K at 60FPS on a mixture of high/medium settings. But that took 2 cards to get that. I don't own one but I doubt a 1080 can do 4K high settings at a solid 60FPS on the above games I mentioned.

Vitalogy1217d ago

At least here (Portugal) a 4K TV is way too expensive and I don't see 'em affordable for a very long time.

This "4K pushing" from sony reminds me the 3D push which in my opinion was a flop, now if only they had their 4K at affordable/fair prices to go along that "push"...

Garethvk1217d ago

In the U.S. we can get a 4K for about 500 now.

kraenk121217d ago (Edited 1217d ago )

The U.S. =! The world.

Also a 4K TV =! a good 4K TV.

Master of Unlocking1217d ago

In Europe too, but at that price it's gonna be some cheap chinese brand like Hisense. Is it really worth it?

rainslacker1216d ago

4K isn't a push in the same way. TV's will become 4K...and likely one day 8K. It'll be a slow roll as attrition eventually has people move onto the 4K, because as it is in the more technical consumer driven markets like the US, UK, Japan, etc, 4K TV's will be about all that will be available.

It's kind of the change between black and white, and color TV's way back in the day. Not really necessary, but eventually all there is for the most part.

HDR is the bigger headache, but that's more because it's new, and since it was recently finalized, a lot of the older 4K stuff isn't compatible, and it's possible that future 4K sets could not be compatible, but most likely will since it's not that expensive to include.

KillZallthebeast1217d ago

Lol 4k rigs have issues with 4k gaming I highly doubt consoles will be able to push it for a few more years at least

marioJP871217d ago

This is why it truly kills me that fanboys are expecting 4K/60 with the scorpio .... dafuq?!

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The story is too old to be commented.