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Hello Games' lush galactic odyssey is a unique work of engineering art - and an engrossing, if flawed, game.

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t-hall7851214d ago

Meh...still not enough for 60 bucks.

Lsbb1214d ago

You get loads for 60. A lot more than most of the games released this generation.

Razzer1214d ago

Exactly. It isn't for everyone, but saying there isn't Whatever. Why am I spending so much time in this game then?

Mikefizzled1213d ago

That's like saying Borderlands is the best bang for buck because it has "87 bazillion guns". The main problem is that the game is very very shallow. There's a vast difference between depth and quantity, and No Man's Sky only has one of them.

Pongwater1213d ago

I've easily gotten $60 of fun time out of it and look forward to a lot more. I can't get enough.

_-EDMIX-_1213d ago

I'm thus far about 30 hours into the game and I've only traveled across 2 Star systems, I've yet to reach what my mind is an end game in regards to just randomly traveling, I'd say it's very much worth full price.

Even if within the next ten hours or so I reach that end game there's still the updates that are adding new features and content that change how the game is played so if I end up getting 50 hours out of this game it Justified its price several times over, I've paid more money at launch for games that are way way shorter with less content and less new ideas.

You don't know what you're missing and I find it funny that some people put a worth on an experience they've yet to have..smh

t-hall7851209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

I've seen some play throughs. I know exactly what I'm missing. A bunch of empty procedurally generated sandboxes

kraenk121214d ago

Can't stop thinking about this game.

Perjoss1214d ago

They liked it, and I don't really blame them :)

Hoffmann1214d ago

Hoffmann does not buy games at launch anymore.

Be like Hoffmann.

Hoffmann1214d ago married since almost 8 years.

In other words, being a virgin would be nicer :(

Perjoss1213d ago

" married since almost 8 years."

So in other words your virginity has almost fully grown back :D
You're right though, buying games at launch and preordering is dumb, I still do it myself sometimes but I'm not so smart, don't be like me guys, be like Hoffmann.

Ashlen1213d ago (Edited 1213d ago )

Well when you buy the game in 6 months or whatever enjoy spending time on all the planets people have already discovered everything on...

Razzer1214d ago

Engrossing, if flawed game. Yep. Sums it up. Enjoying it immensely. Worth every bit of the $60 I paid.

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The story is too old to be commented.