Blizzard: "There will be 37 expansions for World of Warcraft"

Jokes aside, they'll continue to make them as long as they want to play more themselves.

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Idiedgoodbye1218d ago

I played thisthis demi once and never again

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Tobsesan1218d ago

Just started 3 weeks ago to play it again, better than ever to be honest. Cant wait for Legion.

PurpHerbison1218d ago

To each their own. I'll be staying on Vanilla Private servers until Blizzard finally decides to open legacy realms.

Tobsesan1218d ago

they will close the privates just like last month tho

Lionsguard1218d ago

Demon Hunters are super fun to play and the new PVP changes are extremely welcomed. No more PVP gear, now gear is barely a factor at all and it comes down to pure (or mostly) skill. This is why I loved Vanilla PVP, the gear wasn't so damn OP and everyone was on a near playing field. Now a days someone with a lot of time or gold can just buy carries and get good gear without earning it properly.

WelkinCole1218d ago

Dammit Blizz. I want Warcraft 4. Its been bloody 13 years already.

Idiedgoodbye1217d ago

Agreed. I hope they try a different art style Or return to the look of the first two games.

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