Wartile (pre-alpha build) PC review - A fitting homage to figurine combat games - TGG

Playwood Project´s "Wartile" is a rather decent and fun tabletop combat PC game. So it´s worth a try if you´re not afraid of trying out something entirely new.

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TGG_overlord1213d ago

Very much so =) And "if" the devs sort out the cons (which Mr. Chen pointed out in his review), then I´m quite sure that "Wartile" will top most of the tabletop combat games on the market.

Kingthrash3601212d ago

I'm still wondering how do you review a pre alpha. Shouldn't it be called a preview?

TGG_overlord1212d ago

"I expect that the developers will change that somewhat as the game near release". I thought that "Wartile" would released very soon when I published this post. However, it´s a "TBA" title. So I changed the post from a review to a preview.

Simon_the_sorcerer1212d ago

A preview would be the right pick for this post imo. As it´s a "pre-alpha build".

Simon_the_sorcerer1212d ago

As I just happen to like tabletop games, I´m going to look into "Wartile" asap (there might even be a demo for the game?).

Simon_the_sorcerer1212d ago

Ah, thanks! I´ll give it a go then =)