No Man's Sky review: beautifully crafted galaxy with a game attached / theguardian

Hello Games has created a gorgeously realised, constantly regenerating universe for players to get lost in, where the incredible journey trumps the destination

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TwoForce1214d ago

The thing about this: I will play this game. Not just mining, not just exploring, but moving forward without stopping. Reach to star and embrace the universe.

Perjoss1214d ago


But you kind of have to stop to make more hyperdrive fuel :)

darthv721214d ago

What I find interesting is how they developed this game to have environmental hazards but lack any sort of gravitational effects from planet to planet.

I was watching a stream of the game and saw a person mining and was shooting at a column of rock. As he shot the rock it disappears and yet there was no effect of the remaining rock tumbling from its own weight. There were sections just floating in open air with empty sections below them.

Maybe their algorithm was not designed for that type of physics. Or maybe it is and this particular planet was glitchy. It was just a unique observation but the overall game is rather intriguing.

NukaCola1214d ago

I see them adding this and much more in the future. But really, this game is the start of something cool. I wish people would chill out with the hate.