Score Attack and free-for-all modes coming to Doom

Marty Stratton on how id Software is supporting the hellish shooter.

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Sciurus_vulgaris1218d ago

When are devs going to learn, adding crutches (perks, loadouts, etc) to help new players doesn't work. The more advanced or skilled players will just learn to abuse the crutches the Dev provided. Doom really needs a free-for-all and team death match with no hack modules, demons or loadouts. Stripping away the crutches, would allow the mp to be the old school shooter that Bethesda pretended the game was.

1nsomniac1218d ago

An "Old Skool" mode is definitely needed!

Im hoping with all the content/modes theyre releasing for it that they do realise its something that would pretty much keep the original DOOM community happy.

Sciurus_vulgaris1218d ago

The ironic thing is the gaming community, especially the PC fanbase were against the design choices of mp, since the closed alpha. Doom being due to being multiplatform had the potential to be the pillar for the return of the oldschool arena shooter. Instead we have an mp that mixes old and new FPS traits to create a poorly balanced, gimmicky multiplayer that is fun in small dosages,but doesn't live up to it's potential.