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No Man's Sky reaches for the starts, but does it grab them?

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JJShredder2671d ago

Haven't seen a game so devisive since Quantum Break (which I personally found kind boring). Looking forward to this on PC so I can finally find out if it was worth the wait.

Goldby2671d ago

i definitly am enjoying it, try and go in to the game without the huge expectation and you will be blown away with the quality the game has

JJShredder2671d ago

Definitely tempering myself for this. Looks like a great game to just chill out in for an hour or two.

Goldby2671d ago

hit some space weed out of your space bong with a space lighter before hand and you'll be flying space high in space lol

S2Killinit2671d ago

Exactly. Forget what you thought it is or should be and just enjoy it for what it actually is.

LexHazard792671d ago

Yeah Im gonna buy it this weekend. I love Sci fi and will give it a shot.

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Next_gen_20152671d ago

I think its because some players are visiting more interesting planets than others. The universe is so big...player experiences will vary

Lev19032671d ago

So you need luck to find the game interesting?

Goldby2671d ago


no just the ability to look at the bigger picture. yes you may start out on a planet that is actively trying to kill you, but that also means theres a planet out there waiting for you to sit back, relax and enjoy a cervasa

UnHoly_One2670d ago

Regardless of what type of planet you are on, you'll still just be shooting rocks and micro-managing your inventory.

The gameplay is basically all the same.

Goldby2669d ago


That exact same mentality can be put towards any game in existance.

Mario you only move right and jump on koombas,
Cod: you only aim and shoot
Minecraft: you only gather resources and build.
Destiny: Refer to CoD
Abzu: You only swim

There is repetition in every single game thats ever been in existence. the difference here is that you seem to be turned off by being able to gather resources and explore galaxies, which isn't wrong at all. just some of us are enjoying this game to no end. PUN INTENDED

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joab7772671d ago

It's way more divisive than that. I knew it would be because it isn't Mass Effect. It doesn't have the hand holding and candy cutscenes that so many will want.

Christopher2670d ago

***Haven't seen a game so devisive since Quantum Break***

Essentially almost every "console exclusive" is divisive. Before QB it was SFV. And Uncharted 4 wasn't divisive, but it had people who just criticized the high scores.

Essentially, people are way to enamored with supporting or bashing exclusives. So, stay tuned for more divisiveness and bashing with the next console exclusive.

SimpleYet_Not2670d ago

PC Version is bad atm. Thank god I got this on PS4!

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spoilerjerk2671d ago

Excellent review... especially on the point of making the story for yourself. Really reminds me of the first real choose your own adventure in gaming and I think this is why there is so much vitriol. There are a majority of gamers who like having their hand held ala Assassins Creed/Far Cry.

Goldby2671d ago

thanks man, really appreciate the responses from N4G in regards to my reviews.

please tell me you go the Saved by the Bell reference

Filmicfps2671d ago

oh you reviewed this. very high score! its good u enjoyed it.

Goldby2671d ago

Ya man cant get enough of the game

Filmicfps2671d ago

Thats good man! Its only 69 on metacritic but ur review makes me wanna get it. Should I rent it?

Goldby2671d ago

well if you have tried some of the games i mentioned in the review, and enjoy surviaval sand box games, definfitly rent it. it may turn into a purchase afterwards.

when in doubt, any hesitation, rent it

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Perjoss2671d ago

I only have about 6 hours played but so far I'm fully agreeing with the high scores, really nice game.

joab7772671d ago

Finally, a review that echoes my sentiments. It's been awhile since I've played a game that has me hooked so deeply. All I wanna do is play. I love mmo's and rpgs and exploration and crafting. I love having 10 things on a checklist and each time I cross 3 off, they have already been replaced.

I've been playing games since I got a Nintendo and the Gold Zelda for Christmas many years ago, and many AAA have become so similar that it's rare that I catch magic in a bottle. Last gen it was Bioshock, Fallout 3, Valkyria Chronicles, Ni No Kuni and Lost Odyssey. This gen, it's been Bloodborne, ESO and TW3 to a lesser degree, but along comes NMS. For some reason, it's got me.

And I love the thought that it could continue to grow. I am looking forward to FF15 and Persona 5, but for now this game has been better than I even thought it would be having followed so closely.

asmith23062671d ago

Reviews for this game are all over the place.

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No Man’s Sky just keeps getting better

No Man’s Sky is a game about infinity. It’s not just about having infinite things to do, which is how games often express themselves. It’s a game about being an inhabitant of an infinite universe, an infinitely tiny speck among the stars.

mastershredder31d ago

Oh okay so seeing the localy spawned planetary lifeforms and ships are STILL clipping through the terrain and flying through outposts since launch = Ace development and a slick game. Go soak your head. Hello Games is a huge unnessesarry waste of Sony's resources. Treated like a AAA studio while it shi7s out basic indie results. Big Nopes.

crazyCoconuts31d ago

Oh, I didn't know Sony bought Hello Games

DeusFever31d ago

Sony doesn’t own Hello Games.
Hello Games employs about 16 people.
All these updates are free. Hello Games makes money by selling more copies of No Man’s Sky.