No Man’s Sky: PC Graphics Settings Unveiled, 4K Screenshots On Show

See the PC version of the year’s most anticipated game running at 4K, discover more about the PC version’s graphics settings, and tune in to a PC livestream.

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JJShredder1214d ago

Here's hoping for a smooth release but these days it's hard to not be skeptical. Looking for better draw distances, smooth framerate, and mods at some point.

GamingonPC1214d ago

Yup, I watched streams of the PS4 version and the draw distance seemed pretty bad, up to the point of distracting me from the gameplay being shown. Nvidia's screenshots are quite clean, so hopefully the PC version will improve the game's graphics quite a bit.

2cents1213d ago


Firing up my copy today on PC. Cant wait to see what my setup can achieve, I just hope that oculus/vive support comes in some form soon!