The Best Way to Play No Man's Sky is to Chill Out

Irish Examiner

"So don’t worry about Atlas my friends, that gigantic red orb can wait. Stock up on basic supplies, throw on your own favorite tracks, relax and head out into the cosmos at your own pace."

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LordMaim1217d ago

I actually spent my first two days without even leaving the starting system, just building up my ship and multi-tool. I wasn't sure there was enough of a gameplay loop when I first heard about the game, but after seeing the early streams I was hooked. The day 1 patch actually made it even better than I thought it would be, and they're saying that instead of paid DLC they'll be adding in new content and features via patch all the time. So far I'm really enjoying it.

InTheZoneAC1217d ago

I played twice and finally left the first galaxy after the 2nd day. I spent most of the first day on the first planet, then flew to a second towards the end. 2nd day was the 3rd planet and moon.

It's crazy how big this game is. I'm enjoying it as is, it's a game that you play with no worry about time or rushing through it. There really is no other game like it. I will play more when overwatch season 1 ends, need to get those CP's!

Aenea1217d ago

One time I looked up from a planet, saw all those stars and I realised "crap! I can go to all of those!", was amazing feeling!

LordMaim1217d ago

@Aenea: The thing that got me was when I looked up in the sky and saw two planets, and on one of them was a waypoint I'd just been to, waaaaaaay in the distance. :)

opoikl1217d ago

My first time entering the galactic map (directional button down) and moving the camera at the highest possible speed towards the centre of the galaxy made me feel so damn small, especially when I kept moving forward for minutes on end and the centre didn't seem to come any closer. Mind = blown

yeahokwhatever1217d ago

I've warped 16 times. It just keeps getting more interesting.

raWfodog1217d ago

Yep, I'm also still within my first system despite gaining the ability to hyperdrive already. It's my personal mission to discover 100% of the required fauna on each of the planets within my starting system before moving on to the next system. Already 100% on two, one planet is barren (no fauna), and I still have two more to go. I'm enjoying my time with this game but its definitely not for everyone (as we already know).

Goldby1217d ago

Mine was fluinb off the first planet, heading to the space station and turning around, seeing how little i actually travelled on the planet

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spoilerjerk1217d ago

Agree all the way, and maybe that is another reason why there is so much vitriol from some reviewers. It is a game about exploration and creating your own adventures... too many gamers need that constant rewards system while having their hand held.

Gemmol1217d ago

You don't create your own adventure but you do get to explore and although you explore you still do same thing on each planet, get resources and etc

Kirchh771217d ago

Yes you do create your own adventure. 100%. If by saying "you still do the same thing" you mean "fly low to the ground to see what the planet is like" then yes I agree. That would be common sense. If you are saying it gets repetitive then that's on you for doing the same stuff over and over instead of doing something different. I've felt no repetitiveness bc I keep doing things differently each time I go to a new place.

Lighter91217d ago

I agree. People need to chill the &%#$ out!

tdogchristy901217d ago

What I wonder is the free dlc aspect. While I applaud it, if the developer isn't gaining anything from this (i.e. revenue) what's the incentive to keep this game alive long term?

Darkwatchman1217d ago

It's simple. Games that are kept alive see support from the community. In the day and age of day 1 $50 season passes and greedy corporations, continually updating a game for free will see an upsurge of people taking interest simply because it isn't anti-consumer

tdogchristy901217d ago

You still need to be able to keep the lights on, pay your workers who are making new bases, story missions, planets, ect.

Idk, I guess I worry of a destiny/fallout 4 vibe. DLC can't keep up with the hype and the game dies in 6 months. How on earth can we explore a game this large in only six months?

Pongwater1217d ago

"How on earth can we explore a game this large in only six months?"

The game will never be fully explored, and since it is playable offline anyone who wants to can keep playing for as long as they want to.

Do you really think about what other players are doing as you explore? I certainly don't.

Gemmol1217d ago

Since its a repetitive game, doing same thing planet to planet, game should of been 20 dollars, so the other 40 was for the DLC

Goldby1217d ago

since cod is a repatative game, run on wall, aim shoot, jump. it should be a 20 dollar game

LordMaim1217d ago

The more free content, the less likely someone will be to sell their copy of the game. It keeps it fresh for players, meaning that they don't lose revenue on used sales. Plus, they're a small team that loves working on their game, so its easy to justify continued support when they don't have to have hundreds of people on staff to keep working on it. They're working on more of the existing content plus new features like larger freighter ships with additional cargo space, and the ability to build bases. I could see this being a platform for all kinds of expansions and
going forward.

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opinionated1217d ago

It's the best walking simulator ever created.

thejigisup1217d ago

Correction, QWOP is the best walking simulator out there hands down. It's fun, challenging, and no other game has been able to come even close to QWOP in the simulation genre.

opinionated1217d ago (Edited 1217d ago )

What's qwop?

Edit: lmao! Just looked it up. I thought you were abbreviating something lol.

Goldby1217d ago

Ohh boy you need to look thatup right now. I dont care if you in the middle of an interview or speaking with the pres. You need to look qwop up right now

LordMaim1217d ago

I wish more walking simulators had guns. And jetpacks. And spaceships! In fact, screw walking.

Goldby1217d ago

Ya some people seem ro forget you can effectively never set down on a planet after the first,mine resources from asteroids, take out trade ships and deal with space stations. You could play for an hour and walk for a total 5 minutes

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