No Man's Sky director Sean Murray doesn't rule out Xbox One release when asked

NO MAN'S SKY reviews are pouring in as the PS4 game today launched on PC and Steam, but there's still hope that it might come to Xbox One in the future.

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Abracadabra1210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

Yep, it's PS4/PC timed exclusive. If not, Sony would have been clear from the get go that it was a full PS4/PC exclusive.
Sooner or later it will release on the X1. It will follow the same steps Inside, ABZU and Rocket League went.

FITgamer1210d ago

I'm sure they have some kind of sales agreement. If it sells better than expected it may not come to Xbox. Otherwise there is no reason to talk around the question

lelo2play1210d ago

LOL, what company would sign a stupid deal like that?

Lets imagine the people at Hello Games... Hum, our game was a best seller on the PS4/PC, we don't want more money so we don't need to release it on other platforms. Let's make the deal with Sony. /s

seanpitt231210d ago

It would be the other way round if it sold poorly on ps4 and pc then it would come to xbox for maximum install Base.

Goldby1210d ago


it may be something that if sales of nms hit x amount sony will pay more for teh exclusive deal, covering the potential sales of xbox version. i hihgly doubt that would be the case as sony only funded publishing for ps4 physical copies. personally, and this isnt aimed at every xbox player, but i feel it will be more welcomed on playstation over xbox as playstation tends to align itself with "outside the box" games.

1210d ago
ULTp0ltergeist1210d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

If they do I hope they put it through preview first. Iron out the mechanics before launching it. I still dont think Hello Games deserve the criticism, I blame Sony.


For all the disagrees, think about it. You really think Sean Murray wants to be on Conan constantly saying the BS that we gamers have already knew about the game? It's all Sony hype and I think the game should have been released a while back on PC first.

FITgamer1210d ago

@seanpitt23 That's what I just said, if sells well it won't come to Xbox.

subtenko1210d ago

To people like lelo2play, explain why tons of playstation exclusive games like Uncharted 4 havent gone to xbox......exactly...

gatormatt801210d ago


Sony owns Naughty Dog. Sony owns the Uncharted IP. Sony does not own Hello Games, nor do they own the No Man's Sky IP.

Publishing a game and owning an IP are not the same. Publishing a game doesn't always mean ownership. ROTTR is a great example.

BattleAxe1210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

The thing is, are Xbox players going to even care about a game with a 69 Metacritic score releasing on Xbox One a year or more after it's release on PS4...I would tend to think not.

donthate1210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )


A minority will, but I didn't care about it when it was announced, and I don't care about it now. Don't understand the hype for this game, and now that it has a bad score, even fewer will be interested in it.

Basically, at this point it is not an important game for Xbox gamers, I would think. Maybe it can be a Games with Gold thing.

_-EDMIX-_1209d ago

??? Logic bud, that just doesn't make sense

Kingthrash3601209d ago

I don't see anything wrong with it coming to xbox, it's a independent developer....I just don't think it will sell well on xbox. They are the main people saying it sux.

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Ozmoses1210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

yup yup you know it

badz1491209d ago

What? Are you thinking about Inside? Like something like that would happen with NMS? A month exclusivity? No, just no. I don't think Sony would make a deal like that.

DeeBeers1210d ago

That would be great. Still too expensive though. This game needs to launch @ maximum $30 on X1.

RiseofScorpio1210d ago

I would get it in a heartbeat at 30.

Perjoss1210d ago

"I would get it in a heartbeat at 30."

why, how old are you now?

DeeBeers1210d ago


I'd be interested to hear what you think age has to do with that. Cant even fathom.

SirBradders1210d ago

The game is getting a ton of free dlc it's price is basically less than a normal game and season pass.

After hearing what they adding to the game I'm fine with the price.

KwietStorm1210d ago

lol you didn't get the joke. He was replying to RiseofScorpio, not you.

1210d ago
DeeBeers1210d ago

I c that now. Me stupid.

neutralgamer19921209d ago

Star wars
Rainbow six

Were all mp only games which didn't cost much to develop yet millions happily paid full price

There is a huge double standard among gamers. So what if a developer is indie as long as they are making games which are worth the asking price

KiwiViper851209d ago

I wouldn't even play it if it was free. I don't have time for infinite exploration, and not much else. It's literally the worst game concept I can imagine.

It's not a game, it's an algorithm

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Idiedgoodbye1210d ago

Great news! I don't have a PC or Ps4. Hopefully StarCraft also comes to console with mouse/keyboard support

1210d ago
OB1Biker1210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

Yea it wasn't clear at first but then it was officially revealed as PS4 console exclusive at PGW last year so maybe that's changed?

TheCommentator1210d ago

I talked with Sean Murray at the Gamestop conference the year NMS was revealed, and he'd said then that the only reason for exclusivity was the lower development costs for a small studio. He wanted to make the best game they could on one console first, then work on porting it to the XB1 if it was successful. According to Sean, PS4 was simply chosen first due to its' install base.

TheCommentator1210d ago

Are you guys disagreeing because you don't think I talked to him? No biggie, but that's what he'd said at that time.

Phar0ahad31210d ago

abzu ?and im pretty sure its a playstation full exclusive...just because he wasnt clear means its going...

sammarshall1021209d ago

Good for the people interested but a no-buy for me personally

_-EDMIX-_1209d ago

Not really to market the title the entire Point may have been to never actually state that it's timed or ever appearing anywhere else.

1209d ago
XanderZane1209d ago

Yeah... it will probably hit the XB1 eventually. If it's on the PC, it can easily be transferred to the XB1. I still won't pay $60 for this game though.

Rhezin1209d ago

Since when was Abzu a timed exclusive?

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green1210d ago

It would be great if it came to Xbox One so that people that like such games and only had an Xbox One could experience playing it. But for me, I have absolutely no interest in No Mans Sky.

SpaceRanger1210d ago

Wouldn't benefit them from all of the hate it's been getting from that side of the gaming industry. Not just that but the consumer market for that portion of the gaming industry isn't interested in diversity, they have a specific focus of game genre that they don't deviate from.

poppinslops1210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

What, you mean 1st person shooters?
I don't know if you noticed, but No Man's Sky looks a hell of a lot like a FPS... Either way, here's hoping Hello Games take some time to 'finish' their overpriced indie before they announce a port - the game obviously has potential, but it's gonna need some actual multiplayer, proper NPCs, crafting and some kind of purpose if they want $100.

I figure they'll port the PC version, which shouldn't be terribly expensive or time-consuming... I suppose mod support would be too much to ask for, but it would also help to justify that outlandish price-tag.

Goldby1210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

whats outlandish about a game that cost 60$ and takes more than 30 hours to complete. thats more than can be said about games like Skyrim HD or 8 hour campaigns in CoD

Sony covered the cost of marketing and publishing the physical copy of no mans sky. it wasn't part of their budget

poppinslops1210d ago

From what I've seen (and read in reviews) it gets repetitive after the first few hours... and it's not as though this game's development cost half of what a CoD or a Skyrim costs to produce - not to mention the fact that the majority of No Man's Sky's budget appears to have been spent on marketing.

SpaceRanger1210d ago

"The game obviously has potential, but it's gonna need some actual multiplayer, proper NPCs, crafting and some kind of purpose if they want $100"

Your comment speaks for itself. And not in a good way. NMS is a higher quality indie game (compared to side scrollers) and has a lot to offer for what it is...rather that what it's not. Because what you described is any other generic multiplayer FPS. You'll get plenty of those within the next few holiday months.

poppinslops1210d ago

"Higher quality"? Tell that to Metacritic... Besides, it's not as though The Talos Principle, Firewatch, The Witness, ARK: Survival Evolved, The Long Dark, We Happy Few and the other 'quality' indie titles are being priced like AAA games.

The No Man's Sky I've described (above and below) would be worth $100 dollars to me... say what you like about unrealistic expectations - if Hello Games want my business, they're gonna need to show some CDPR style initiative with regards to improving upon No Man's Sky's foundation.

kraenk121210d ago

How about you play the game before you make assumptions like that?!

1210d ago
The_Sage1210d ago

Multiplayer would ruin this game. It would only be a matter of time before people would be trying to kill and grief other players. It's more along the lines of flow than Call of Duty. If you didn't like Flow you might not be the right fit for this game.

donthate1210d ago


Having a lot of hours of repetitive game play with little new and engaging experience is hardly worth my money even if it is hundreds of hours. Quality over quantity please!

A game that only last 8-hours, but gets me to play it for much longer than that, is a game worthy of my money. So please don't make it bigger, for the sake of being bigger like No Man's Sky.

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spicelicka1210d ago

Wtf that's a highly ignorant and presumptuous comment. You say "that side of the gaming industry" as if you know exactly how millions of people think and what they want.

"Consumer market for that portion of the gaming industry isn't interested in diversity". Yea that's why we have games like Sea of thieves, Recore, and We Happy Few right?

I own an Xbox and I'm interested in this game, as are many people I know. So you can stop generalizing and get your facts straight.

poppinslops1210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

I was just thinking Hello Games should take a look at what Sea of Thieves is doing and try to apply some of that to No Man's Sky... quests, crews, megafauna 'boss' fights and such.

Edit: and Star Wars style cantinas, which would be the perfect location for players to meet - assuming Hello Games can figure out how to spawn two or more players in the same location at the same time... if that can be achieved then players could really make their own stories - crafting a multiplayer spacecraft, hunting bounties together, forming a 'rebel' fleet to take on the inevitable griever-ridden 'Empire', buying a crew's worth of space-herpes cream, etc.

Goldby1210d ago


but that would defeat the entire image Hellogames has created with No Man's Sky. even the name of the game leads towards their image of what they wanted to represent.

a huge game with millions of players all in space. tell me do you think when astronaughts head to the ISS they see 20 or so star ships? no, as big as earth is, and as populated and crowded as it is, it is a mere grain of salt compared to the rest of the galaxy.

you aren't alone in the universe, but it may seem like that at times. and thats part of the draw at least for me.

SpaceRanger1210d ago

"As if you know exactly how millions of people think and what they want"

The consumer sales speak for themselves. Millions sold on the yearly "exclusive" franchises that MS puts out - Halo, Gears, Forza. And no where near as close of sales for diverse IP exclusives launched by them.

"That's why we have games like Sea of Thieves, ReCore and We Happy Few"

That's it? Recore's budget was practically slashed and is a AA at most now according to MS. We Happy Few, which I've played, is nowhere near complete and is a tech demo at most right now. Sea of Thieves seems to be the only other game right now that could potentially be diverse and sell well. Don't hold your breath though with Gears and others being launched. Sales tell much more about a fanbase than you can imagine.

81BX1210d ago

Let the troll be. Under the bridge he will go.... eventually.

darthv721210d ago

Ranger... you are confused. Many who seem to be complaining are sony fans because the complaints are lobbed from those who have been following its development very closely. If xbox fans arent interested then they certainly would not know the fine details of its development and the things that were initially said during its development.

What a lame generalization there. And you arent doing sony fans any favors by demonstrating your one sided opinion as some sort of fact you believe strongly in. I think they would be best to distance themselves from your negative vibe.

With that said, IF this game were to come to W10 and XB1 then I would imagine they could benefit from the azure servers to help offset the load that Hello has stated was causing some issues.

Goldby1210d ago

i dont think they would jump on the azure could servers, it would be an additional cost for them when they already have the servers themselves for the game, and as it's already on steam now, i don't think they would make a xbox 1 version plus a windows 10 version. just keeping it as ps4, pc and x1

jb2271210d ago

To be fair, what he said may have been a broad generalization and obviously not the case in every instance, but it isn't necessarily wholly untrue. Speaking solely about the N4G community, it's pretty evident that some of the most vocal detractors for NMS also seem to be the biggest proponents of the Xbox brand. There are legitimate criticisms about any game or product, but along w/ those you will obviously still have people w/ their own agendas.

It goes both ways though in all honesty, it's easier to downplay & be critical towards a game that you don't currently have access to, I've seen Sony fans do it, I've seen MS fans do it, I've seen Nintendo fans do it, I'm sure I've been guilty of it myself before. It's human nature really, and it's plainly evident in these forums every single day.

As far as Azure helping this game, that's a possibility, but the W10 games in particular have not had a pretty track record, game wise or server side. Maybe over time they will make more improvements, but I don't really see any need for this game to ever hit W10. Xbox sure, but if NMS is already on Steam which is pretty much inarguably the superior platform on PC for now, a W10 release would be redundant unless the Xbox version was UWP. Not sure how costly that process would be, from what I understand, UWP needs to be built from the ground up, or at the very least it would take some mighty heavy tweaking to get a working version running.

vega2751210d ago

Can you please show us all the hate it's getting from xb1 owners

Concertoine1210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

I get what you're saying with new IP's on xbone, although i would argue the only good new IP on the xbone was Sunset Overdrive, and it didn't even sell that bad. Indies have done well on Xbone though. Rocket League and Outlast were only on PS4 and PC but both sold big on Xbone. I know a LOT of people enjoying Inside and anticipating Cuphead as well.

NMS is a big game right now and if they put it anywhere it would probably sell well.

If you generalize 18 million xbone owners based on n4g trolls, you need to get out more.

Edit: Below you just knocked Recore for being a budget title, wtf? MS cant release budget games? If NMS was 40 bucks, can we assume you'd give Sony flack for "slashing the budget"?

Septic1210d ago

Trying too hard lol 😂

Goldby1210d ago


" if Hello Games want my business, they're gonna need to show some CDPR style initiative with regards to improving upon No Man's Sky's foundation."

oh like free updates that add parts to the game? or releasing a game that wasnt a complete bug fest?

poppinslops1209d ago

Preferably both of those things... as the old saying goes - you can't polish a turd, but you can always paint it gold.

spicelicka1210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

So? Lol millions sold because they're great games. Yes xbox owners like great games, is that what you're trying to prove? You wanna talk diverse games? Minecraft has over 2 million sold, Ori turned profits within a week after release, Susnet Overdrive has over a million units sold, most of the lower sales numbers are just due to lower player base, that does not mean the players don't support diverse games.

Within the next year you have TPS, platformer, racing, RTS, hack n slash, indie, and rpg games coming so I'm not sure how you don't see the diversity.

Regardless of all that, this isn't an argument about the games, it's an argument about whether NMS would benefit from coming to Xbox. And your statement about "hate it's been getting from that side of the gaming industry" is a load of horse crap, common sense dictates more platforms means more sales. The only reason they wouldn't release on Xbox would be because of contractual obligations.

Ra3v3r1209d ago

Not true, as a primarily xbox gamer I'm all for diversity. It's a falacy to say all xbox gamers are close minded. Both platforms offer a diverse library, it just so happens there are a few more indies on PS4 but even they fall within the indie staples of twin-stick shooter or walking simulator.

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RiseofScorpio1210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

I want Hello games to sell as much as possible. No Man's Sky could have been better with more staff and a larger budget. I think the game will improve a lot with new content.

akurtz1210d ago

you can say that for alot of games. they did a great job with what they had.

1210d ago
Aenea1210d ago

"Before going any further though, Sony's rep stepped in to move the interview along, explaining that at this time there was nothing more to add."

A Sony rep was present during the interview huh? Doesn't sound to me that we will see this game soon on the Xbox. Yes, Hello Games own the IP but they clearly have a deal going with Sony preventing them from even answering certain questions (same for the PC release date stuff).

I do hope for Xbox fans it will release one day for their beloved console, the game is worth it!

MasterCornholio1210d ago

I'm pretty sure it will come to Xbox just not anytime soon.

_-EDMIX-_1209d ago

I think maybe you need to look up what intellectual property actually means.

You're basically saying they own the legal right to bring the game where they feel just. Timed? Sure, but pretty sure Hello games gets the final say in their ip

Aenea1209d ago

Huh? I never said the game is not coming to Xbox due to a deal with Sony.

I know what IP actually means and I think I'm saying the exact same thing as you, just pointing out that a Sony rep being present during a simple interview means Sean Murray is restricted in what he can say and do during the interview and to me it means the deal is more extensive than a lot of people want to believe.

Will Hello Games have the right eventually to release it on any device they want? Yes, they own the IP.

Will this be soon? No, I don't feel, like I said above, that it will be soon (not this year at least) because they have a deal with Sony for at least timed exclusivity.

Besides, they have only a small team, they had problems enough to get this out on time and they still need to work hard on getting the kinks out on PS4 and do a heck of a lot of work on the PC version from what I've read, making a port to the Xbox One is not something they have time for at the moment.

lastking951209d ago

Imo if anything that's more clue it will release on xbox. Wouldn't he or a Sony Rep simply say no? Instead of dodging the question?