5 PS4K Neo Reveals Sony Must Make at PlayStation Meeting 2016

Push Square: "PlayStation Meetings are rarer than Atlas Stones, so it's always exciting when Sony announces one of the exclusive events. The last shindig that the platform holder held saw the announcement of the PlayStation 4, while the next will almost certainly play host to the PS4K – or Neo, as it's also known. And with the 7th September show just weeks away, we figured that we'd dream up five reveals that the Japanese giant must make in relation to its super-powered system."

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corroios1217d ago

or they wont... or they push the PSVR hard, because of the launch. Maybe they just launch on march 2017

mockzer01216d ago

I'm pretty sure they are using the word "neo" because it means "new", not because of Keanu Reeves. 😋

Sniperwithacause1216d ago

Or because in the matrix movies it meant that he was the "one".

Idiedgoodbye1216d ago

Xbox One, PlayStation One, I guess Nintendo is not the only company Sony copies /s

KwietStorm1216d ago

But Agent Smith is the one

seanpitt231216d ago

They use the code names from matrix for all their upcoming products neo, morpheus, trinity

KeeseToast1216d ago

Trinity isn't used officialy by Sony, (yet hopefully).

seanpitt231216d ago

@ Keese iam sure sony have something up their sleeves for trinity.

SaveFerris1216d ago

Can't wait to see what Cypher turns out to be?

Omnislashver361216d ago

I'd honestly rather see them go for the 5.5 TFLOPS model($499) they had in development over the 4.14 TFLOPS model($399). If they want a cheaper model, then in addition to PS4-Neo they could do PS4 Slim at $299. That would be fair IMO, $299 and $499 are fair pricepoints for entry and enthusiast models.

ocelot071216d ago

Seems about right £350 for ther Neo. £250 for a extra slim with 4K movie playback. £150 for what ever 500GB old models they have left as well as £189.99 for what ever 1TB models they have left. Get rid of the old stock and most likely casuals and people who want a second PS4 will snap them up pretty quickly.

seanpitt231216d ago

The neo will be more than the ps4 launch price model. Andrew house said that so it will definitely be more than $399 or £350.

ocelot071216d ago

@seanpitt23 we will see I don't believe it will sell all that well at say £400. Look at the XB1 that cost £420 at launch. It didn't sell as much as Microsoft wanted to they then made a bundle without the kinect that cost around the same as the PS4 which was at the time £350.

seanpitt231216d ago

Yeah I think the 5.5tf would be the best option it would come out sooner than the Scorpio and there wouldn't be a massive gap when the Scorpio arrives next year.

The 4.2tf of the neo would be great the first year until Scorpio comes out then it will be no competition with he massive power gap. so it will be interesting to see what sony does.

XanderZane1216d ago

if Sony is going to do a 5.5 TFLOP ,model as well, they better announce that on Sept 7th as well. Gamers will be pissed if they announce and release the PS4 Neo in Oct and then announce a more powerful PS4 Neo at the E3 in 2017. If they do announce a 5.5 TFLOPS model, why do gamers need to get the 4,14 TFLOPS PS4 Neo? This is going to be interesting come Sept 7th.

seanpitt231216d ago

No chance they will do that it's either one or the other. Whatever Sony decides on (i want the 5.5tf but we will probably get 4.14tf with all the rumors) we will have it for at least 3 years until the next gen arrives

XanderZane1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

Ok, well if they go with the 5.5TF version we know it won't come out this year. Most likely early Spring. What will they do with all those 4.14 PS4 Neo? If they planned on releasing those in October, they are already being manufactured as I type this. Will they still release the PSVR this year if they don't launch the PS4 Neo this year?

1216d ago
jb2271216d ago

I'd personally love it if they found a way to also include the upgrade in a breakout type box like what comes w/ PSVR so that existing users have the option of just paying a couple hundred bucks to upgrade their traditional PS4. Not sure if that'd be possible or not, but that'd be a game changer in my eyes. Allow us the option to incrementally expand as opposed to going out & buying an entire new system. That'll be the key for me personally. I'm in no rush to upgrade my system as long as Sony sticks w/ the idea of not pushing any Neo exclusive games or features, but if I could do it for a bill or 2 I'd be in for sure.

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Idiedgoodbye1216d ago

Backwards Compatibility is a must for Sony on PlayStation

Flyingdog6701216d ago

Really? I don't think it's that important of a feature, and the playstation 4 seems to be doing great without it. Yea, it would be nice to have it, but i don't think its a "must"

Idiedgoodbye1216d ago

That's the problem with the ponies, they don't demand much. They're steered around like sheep to the slaughter /s

1216d ago
dboyman1216d ago

Then pay much more for a 5.5Tf version with BC. Can't have the PS3 BC with the addition of Cell/RSX processors and XDR Main RAM.

Aenea1216d ago

Still got my PS3 and PS2 and they still work, tho lately I haven't had time for them. Don't feel BC is a must.

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SquidBuck1216d ago

you do understand its impossible right? how many times do they have to say it lol

KwietStorm1216d ago

I don't think it's a must for the 45 millions owners right now... lol give me a break with this newfound love for backward compatibility

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BoriboyShoGUN1216d ago

2TB Harddrive is a must to me!! I'll take the leap for the extra power and space.

KwietStorm1216d ago

You can get a 2TB drive right now, or yesterday, or tomorrow.

XanderZane1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

Very true. I got a 4TB external for my XB1. I think you can go as high as 16TB. That will be the next one I get next year. My 4TB is almost 1/2 full now. Does PS4 support external HDD yet? I thought they were adding this with the next update.

BoriboyShoGUN1213d ago

Yeah but spending money to upgrade a launch PS4 seems like a waste to me. If this gives a power boost, storage, a new controller, and a new warranty it's worth it !!!!

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